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Premium rush


(Exciting Bicycle Chase Movie)

The best chase movie in years, "Premium Rush" will give you a premium rush.
Joyce always stays through the credits, while I head for the Men's Room. She reported back that they used 26 stunt people in the movie.
How they filmed the thrilling chase scenes through the streets of New York is beyond us.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Wilee (As in Coyote), the daredevil bike messenger who speeds through the New York City traffic on a brakeless bike, narrowly escaping injury and death at every turn.
His latest assignment is to deliver a letter to Chinatown by 7 p.m.
He is stopped by a mean looking dude (Michael Shannon) who tells him that there has been a mistake, and he needs the letter.
Following company policy, Wilee refuses to give him the letter, which leads to an incredible chase between car and bike through the busy, crowded streets of Manhattan. Comic relief is provided by a bicycle cop (Christopher Place) who joins the chase when Wilee breaks every rule of the road.
Writer-Director David Koepp uses flashbacks to fill in the blanks as to what is so important about the envelope.
An ever more clever device shows Wilee having to make split second decisions while speeding through traffic, showing what would happen if he made the wrong decisions. The stunt men earned their pay in this one.
The story gets a bit more complicated as we learn why the cop wants the envelop, how the young woman who sent it got involved, and what the relationship is between that girl and the other characters.
Dania Rameriz is good as Wilee's estranged girlfriend who ends up playing a big role in the chase.
It all comes together in the end, leaving you to catch your breath.
I can't remember a more exciting hour and a half at the movies.
Rated PG-13, with some violence and profanity.


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