Progressive Democrats


To the Editor:

The states that comprise the northeast section of the United States are populated by people who predominantly vote Democrat. Euphemistically, these states are called "blue" states. These states would probably change color to purple or red (independent or Republican) if these very same voters accept my challenge to read Dismantling America by Thomas Sowell. Dr. Sowell is now an economist of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. (His credentials can be easily checked by a quick search). This is hardly a far-fetched claim because the reader must be aware of the drastic change that is the "New Democrat Party" due to the takeover by far-left progressive leaders who now control the party.

Democrats who stay involved know exactly what has been stated here to be fact and if they really care about the future of this country, they should make a point to read the book. Dr. Sowell's message of the book is a serious concern to everyone and they are strongly encouraged to read it as well.

Sam Parente



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