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Promised Land


(Environmental drama)

To frack or not to frack?

That is the question raised in this drama that raises a big question about the environmental impact of boring deep into the earth for natural gas.

Matt Damon plays Steve Butler, a dedicated company worker whose job it is to convince small town farmers to sell their land. Farmers are a dying breed in this Pennsylvania town. Steve offers a way out, not only for the poor landowners but for the town itself.

An environmentalist (John Krasinski) rides into town with his organization's pickup truck, showing dead cows in the fields, a result of contaminated water caused by the fracking. He competes not only for the town's support but for the pretty young school teacher (Rosemarie DeWitt).

Hal Holbrook is good in the supporting role of the science teacher who questions Steve and even raises some doubts in the mind of the sharp salesman.

You can see where this one is going, even with a clever twist near the end.

Rated R, but only because of a little profanity. Too bad, because younger people interested in the environment and the economy might learn something.


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