Prophetic words of Pat Buchanan


To the Editor:

In the midst of constructing a small wood project, I needed some additional “C” clamps and purchased them at the local hardware store. What struck me was that some older ones used were made in USA and that the newly purchased ones were made in China. Now maybe with a long search to many stores, the same item could be found made in USA and maybe that item would be a superior product, but the point is that this product which was made by American men in American factories is no longer commonly available and that job has now been outsourced overseas.

So multiply this item by hundreds of thousands of products to include almost all clothing, tools, electronics, and a multitude of other products and you get the idea of what has happened in the last 40 years since the Nixon/Clinton regimes resumed most favored nation trade with communist China. The manufacturing base of the USA has been stripped almost clean and the words of Pat Buchanan in 2000 are prophetic.

The elitist architects of GATT and NAFTA have locked arms with their corporate cohorts to support a trade policy that is neither fair nor free. This year we will incur a $300 billion trade deficit. The bulls run wild on Wall Street, corporate profits and CEOs ring up record salaries. But in Middle America, our industrial base is eroding, factories are closing, and manufacturing jobs are moving overseas. America’s working men and women are being sacrificed to the Global Economy. Source: Buchanan/Foster web site Aug 6, 2000.

And 11 years later, what is even more astonishing is the fact that neither the President nor any of the presidential candidates are even bringing this subject to the attention of the citizenry. There can be no doubt that those who engineered this plan knew exactly what they were doing and the outcome of their plan, and if this problem is not addressed, there is not even a remote possibility that these jobs will return. You’ll wait for a shrimp to whistle to think otherwise.

Eric Thorp


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