Proud Republican


To the Editor:

I would like to respond to John T. Carroll’s letter to the editor titled, “Bashing lawyers” in the Oct. 30 edition. My campaign billboard states, “Elect a Businessman, Not another Lawyer.” Mr. Carroll states, “I cannot fathom why Mr. Falkowski would denigrate the legal profession, when I’m sure Mr. Falkowski had to utilize the service of an attorney throughout the course of his business career.” Were you a track and field athlete, because that is quite a leap?
Let’s look at the first three words, “Elect a Businessman.” I am a businessman. Now, the next three words, “Not another Lawyer.” Well, Mr. Shekarchi is a lawyer. Former Rep. Robert Flaherty was also a lawyer. The voters have a choice between me or another lawyer. I fail to see where I denigrated the legal profession. Could it be that because Mr. Carroll is a supporter of my opponent? I say this due to the fact that he has one of my opponent’s campaign signs on his lawn. I would also like to add the fact that this past year almost 25 percent of the Representatives were lawyers or former lawyers.
The fact is, I have used several attorneys during my professional and private life. I have attorneys as clients of FALCON Pest Services, LLC, both Republicans and Democrats. I have spoken to several attorneys regarding my billboard and no one had any issues.
As for not stating that I am a Republican on my billboard or lawn signs, I have that information in many areas. Mr. Carroll, the fact I am a Republican is on the palm card I delivered to your residence front door. The palm card states that I am a member of the Republican Party and I am affiliated with the Warwick GOP and the R.I. Republican Strike Force. Being a Republican is also on my website, in the articles concerning me in the Warwick Beacon, etc. My position concerning what I plan to bring to the district and its citizens is on my website, articles in the Warwick Beacon and with talking with the constituents. I stand proud to be a Republican candidate.

John M. Falkowski
Endorsed Republican Candidate
R.I. State Representative District 23


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