Putting a price tag on children's safety


To the Editor:

This letter is in regards to the article that was in the Beacon on 4/19/12. Apparently there are members of the School Committee and the City Council that are at odds over the funding of the improved (stricter) fire codes that were implemented after the Station nightclub fire.

Council President Bruce Place questioned whether those requirements to fund the fire code improvements were due to the stricter codes after the Station nightclub fire. As for the school committee, Eugene Nadeau wants the fire codes relaxed and wants the legislators to rush through that process.

I hope Mr. Nadeau doesn't have any children/grandchildren in the Warwick school system. These new fire codes were implemented on the backs of the 100 people that died and the 200 that were injured during the Station nightclub fire. Those 300 families will never be the same; I know that firsthand. Why would the state want to take steps toward helping to prevent another senseless tragedy and then want to go backwards by relaxing the fire codes? This does not make sense.

Why would the school committee or the city council want to put a price tag on our children's safety? It should not matter how it is funded. If the city council and the school committee are concerned about the funding, maybe they need to look in the mirror and ask themselves why don't I take a pay cut to help fund the fire codes and protect our school children? The city of Warwick can raise my property tax as much as they need to so the cost of the funding can be covered. I am not willing to put a price tag on my daughter's safety while she is in school.

Michael Forte


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