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(American tragedy)

The frightening tale of Queen and Slim, two African Americans who are on a first date when tragedy occurs, is referred to in the movie as the "Black Bonnie and Clyde.” It is far from that tale, as two innocent, decent people are put in a situation that offers few options.

Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith) is a street-smart, book-smart public defender who goes on a date with Slim (Daniel Kaluuya), a religious, low-key, family-centered man. They appear not to be a very good match, as Queen comes across as the dominant one.

In a scene all to familiar, they are stopped by a white cop for no apparent reason, an event that ends with a dead cop. Both Queen and Slim are completely taken aback, but she takes charge and makes the call to run. What follows is a series of close calls, good and bad decisions, help from usual and unusual sources, and a determination to make it to Cuba and start a new life.

What also is inevitable is a growing relationship during their six-day road trip to hopefully a new start in life together. The pair quickly become legends due to the immediacy of television, with help coming for different motives. But not everyone is to be trusted.

"Queen & Slim" hits a lot of bases, with a few of them being a bit far-fetched, but the messages are loud and clear, especially the unfairness of "driving while black.” You may not like the ending, but for sure it will shock you.

Rated R, with profanity, violence, sex and racial slurs.


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