Questions cause of climate change...and Sen. Reed's answer


Open letter to Senator Reed:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with reasonable efforts to protect the environment of the United States and to encourage other countries to do the same. However it is nothing but a fool's errand to expect that our actions leading to a pristine environment, or sending billions to other countries for the same purpose, will stop either Global Warming or Global Cooling.

Climate Change exists. It has been going on for billions of years! There is no scientific evidence proving that human activity has induced climate change! Nor is there any scientific evidence proving that human activity could possibly alter any perceived progression in global climate change.

You seem to feel that you have the answers about climate change. Therefore would you please give me the current trajectory for the Earth? Using your current data, are we getting warmer or cooler? And what is the term of the next projected cycle?

Climate change, as defined by the Paris Accord, is nothing but a hoax designed to separate the United States from its wealth and sovereignty!

President Trump is absolutely correct in his withdrawal from the Paris

Agreement. As you think otherwise, I challenge you to answer my questions.

Also, I would appreciate being given a list of individuals from the scientific community, who may agree with you, listing their credentials, source of income and relationship to any current or past government grants.

C. Christopher Sirr


Dear Mr. Sirr:

It is extremely troubling that President Trump has announced his intention to pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement, a historic deal that brought nearly the entire world together in a pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This reversal is environmentally and economically problematic, compromises our national security, and will exacerbate increasingly strained relations with countries around the world. You can read my full statement on this matter.

I have continually urged President Trump to support the Paris Agreement, and yesterday I sent another letter to the President expressing the national security implications of withdrawing from this important agreement. I am disappointed that the President has chosen to put the United States in the company of Syria and Nicaragua as the only non-participants in the Paris Agreement, while abdicating American leadership on climate change.

Climate change needs to be addressed, and the Paris Agreement created a framework where all nations - from small countries to the world's biggest economic competitors - acknowledged the necessity of taking action.

Retreating from the agreement is shameful.

Despite this setback, please know that I will continue my work to protect our air quality, public health, and environment, and to find common sense solutions to combat the effects of climate change.

Jack Reed

United States Senator


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Reed probably has millions invested in the carbon market like Gore and Soros...keep pushing the Kool-Aid, Jack...funny- as the Global Cooling / Global Warming / Climate Change / Extreme Climate / (insert next self-serving, deceptive label here) narrative falls apart, the Left shrieks louder...


Friday, June 9, 2017