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It may be a milder winter than usual this year, but every home or business still needs heat and hot water. On those cold mornings, when you can see your breath inside your home, you know it is time to be sure your heating oil supply is adequate to warm things up - it is time to contact your oil service delivery company, Rambone & Sprague Oil Service, Inc. This full service oil company is a three- generation, family-run business that cares about its customers and "would never leave you out in the cold". If you return to a house in the dark of night to find a burst pipe, who you gonna call?? If you wake up on a Sunday morning to find your oil tank empty and your house frosted over, who you gonna call? When you call the "discount" oil company after-hours, you will most likely get their answering machine. Not at R & S! The team here is available 24/7 to answer your call, fill your oil tank or service your oil-fired appliance. More likely than not, you know the person on the other side of this phone because, with a small, local operation like this, you've probably come to know them like family too.

Rambone & Sprague Oil Service is owned and operated by Eddie Rambone and his family. Based out of North Scituate, they have been providing prompt, reliable and trust-worthy service to their neighbors since 1995. They know this dependability is what keeps their customers returning to them year after year. This oil service does everything from delivering oil to your home or business, to repairing, replacing and maintaining your boiler, furnace or hot water heater, to removing your corroded oil tank. Rambone & Sprague Oil Service doesn't subcontract out their services; all their work is performed by licensed and highly trained technicians who have Eddie Rambone's seal of approval on them. They know R & S's reputation for excellence - and they know nothing less than excellence is expected of them.

The best way to get a full description of all of the services of R& S is to visit their often updated website, www.rambonespragueoil.com. Here you will find a full listing of their services and contact information, as well as COUPONS, and a daily update on the price of oil per gallon. The team at Rambone & Sprague will work with you to find the optimal payment plan for your budget, either with a service contract or on a "pay as you go" basis. Your satisfaction is their first priority - call them today and find out for yourself.

Don't let a worse case scenario strike you this winter - call R & S today at 647-1455 or 421-3303. Someone is always standing by.


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