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(Sexy spy story)

Jennifer Lawrence stars as Dominika, a Russian ballerina who injures her leg and finds a new, more dangerous career, thanks to her connected, conniving uncle (Matthais Schoenaerts).

Dominika is sent to a spy training school, where she learns that sex and psychology are the ways for attractive men and women to pry secrets from the Americans. When one of the students attempts to rape her, she shows her violent side and is sent off to Moscow to set up an enemy of the state for a kill. Her next assignment is to seduce American spy Nate Nash (Joel Edgerton) and find out who his mole is.

The movie comes down to a "Who can you trust?" story, as the Russian spy and the American spy find themselves getting very close. It is a question of power as the two spies try to gain information from each other. Are they getting too close, or are they both just playing the spy game?

It's an interesting concept that occasionally gets muddled down in a weak story and some very graphic torture and violence. There is a very clever ending as the mole is revealed.

Rated a big R, with sex, nudity, profanity, torture and violence. Lawrence is quite revealing.


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