Reinstate Mentor RI funding


To the Editor:

Just notified that at Tuesday’s School Committee meeting the entire funding for the Warwick Mentoring Program was cut from the budget. I understand the Cities concern over money issues and how that will affect all of us residents in Warwick but having said that I must speak out and express my disappointment with this action.

Many of you know me as a strong advocate for Clean Warwick Waters and the Facilitator of Friends of Warwick Ponds but I am also a mentor. I have been a Warwick mentor for more than 20 years. In that time I have seen, witnessed and been part of the impact we have on young students who need help, need a role model, need a friend. Our impact on their life cannot be measured in dollars and cents but in their future contributions as good citizens of society.  

I would ask all present and former mentors as well as others to voice your opinions to city officials. 

The children are the future of our city, state and country so let’s recognize that fact and reinstate the funding.

Philip D’Ercole



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Thanks for your volunteer work. Sounds like a great program.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Then what do we give up? Something has to go, the money needs to come from somewhere. These are the hard decisions that irresponsible city politicians and administrators have been unwilling to make for decades, figuring that we can always just raise taxes. Now it is clear that citizens clearly have a breaking point as far as taxes go - raise them too much and people move, which is why Rhode Island is shedding working population like never before.

Everyone, has a favorite program that does good but at the end of the day the money isn't there for everything.

Instead of the gnashing of teeth perhaps the Warwick Mentoring Program should attempt to seek the funds from private businesses, look for donations from the public, or better yet complete a full audit to determine if they really require the level of funds they are asking for - honest, when I read the article and looked into the program it seemed apparent to me that their operating costs seemed very high for what they are doing, perhaps they are not leveraging the advancement in technology to make things more efficient or partnering with other volunteer groups to share the weight/cost.

Monday, July 30, 2018


I applaud your work as a mentor. But as someone who has mentored young men for three decades through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, I am at loss to explain why this program costs Warwick taxpayers over $100k per year. My experience has always been one of volunteerism. Am I missing something?

Monday, July 30, 2018

Yes JohnStark. The school district needs an administrator, an assistant, an assistant to the assistant and a paid intern to assist the assistant assistant. Volunteers might just teach the wrong message. They have to stay on brand.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018