House Rep. candidates answer questions


Candidates for the Rhode Island House of Representatives, whether they faced a challenger or not, were asked the following questions:

  • What do you consider to be the most pressing issue in your district, and how would you seek to address it? (150 words or less)
  • Do you consider the actions taken during the last legislative session regarding gun control have been more beneficial or more harmful to the state? Why? (100 words or less)
  • Would you support a bill that would seek to codify portions of Roe v. Wade into state law? (100 words or less)
  • Would you support a bill to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes? (100 words or less)
  • If re-elected, would you support Nicholas Mattiello for Speaker of the House?



Most pressing issue

I know the Governor Francis Phase III sewer project has many upset. I would want to see a clearer/cleaner explanation to why it now appears the Phase III project has been such a mess in so many ways. Someone must be accountable for this.

Others I have listened to say taxes are a concern. More jobs would allow for more contributing to the taxes however it is equally important that the state/city manages the expenses efficiently. Between these two basic simple steps, the taxes can be less. Making Rhode Island a Business friendly state can create more jobs. Lastly, making the vacant buildings (both public and private) useful could be incorporated as part of the solution.

Gun reform

More harmful. It makes one guilty until proven innocent. It does not support due process.

Roe v. Wade

No. The bill does not codify; it turns RI into a sanctuary state for late term abortions.

Recreational marijuana

No. This question requires more than 100 words to answer. There have been reports that there are more car crashes in states that have this. There have been studies that it does damage to ones health. There are numerous other proven effective healthier ways to live. If one feels healthier all around, one will not "support" drug dealers since they will have no need for that kind of "recreation." I believe one reason why some want to legalize it is to get rid of the illegal use of it (and all the tragedy that goes with it) and generate income to the economy. I don't think legalizing it is the answer due to above stated. Let's spend our time and money promoting the benefits of things like Yoga, Meditation, Massage therapy, spirituality, healthy food, "life coaches" (having someone safe to talk to), fitness for body, mind/emotion, and spirit.

Page would NOT support Mattiello

Bio information:

Name: Ruth M Page

Address: 940 Namquid Dr Unit 110 Warwick

Age: 69

Party affiliation: Republican

Education: Associate's Degree

Current employment: Retired/Seasonal Office Manager

Government experience: None


Most pressing issue

For the past five years I have been working on the elimination of the car tax. Once fully phased out Warwick vehicle owners will save $24 million and Cranston $21 million per year. I will continue to focus on jobs and the economy, my medical tourism legislation recently resulted in the announcement of a 100,000 square-foot surgical center with 200 jobs and $30 million in projected tax revenue. This year I hope to expand on the Social Security tax phase out for seniors by adding other retirement income. I will also be advocating for increased state aid for our schools and submit legislation that makes high quality preschool available for all students. The $200,000 repair of the Salter grove causeway should begin next month and I will be announcing the historic restoration of the Pawtuxet River Bridge next month. I also will be introducing legislation that mandates that utility companies pay their fair share of road reconstruction work after digging up our streets.

Gun reform

I strongly supported the common-sense gun legislation that was passed last session. One of the bills passed last session has a very personal connection to our community. The so-called Red Flag bill would allow law enforcement officials to remove weapons from individuals who have serious mental health issues. The 1978 mass murder in Warwick at the Cathey Terrace restaurant resulted in 6 deaths, one of whom was my aunt. The murderer was well known to law enforcement as an "unstable individual." A Red Flag law may have helped prevent this horrific murder. I also cosponsored legislation that allows for the removal of weapons from domestic abusers and strongly supported the bump stock ban.

Roe v. Wade

Yes, I would support legislation that would codify the reproductive rights enumerated in Roe v. Wade into state law.

Recreational marijuana

I am concerned with increased access to minors with marijuana legalization, therefore I have several issues that any legalization legislation bill should address.

1. Security measures that would explicitly address youth access.

2. A dedicated revenue stream that would fund prevention programs.

3. The prohibition of edible candy like products.

4. Mandatory signage at all sale locations that would warn pregnant and nursing mothers of the long-term negative health effects of maternal use of marijuana on a fetus or nursing infant.

These are all issues I would want to see resolved before legalization.

McNamara WOULD support Mattiello

Bio information:

Name: Joseph McNamara,

Address: 23 Howie Avenue, Warwick

Age: 68

Party affiliation: Democrat

Education: Pilgrim High School; Boston University, B.S.; Providence College, M. Ed.

Current Employment: Retired Public School Administrator

Government Experience: State Rep. District 19



Most pressing issue

From what I am hearing from my constituents is infrastructure, our schools, roads and buildings. This issues are being addressed now at the State and Local levels. Our schools need to be rebuilt and our children need classrooms that are conducive to learning. Our roads need repairing especially our secondary roads and our older buildings need to be repurposed to functioning facilities. I will support current and future efforts to see this continue and improved. I would also recommend that my constituents vote yes on all three Bond issues.

Gun reform

I supported the Domestic Violence bill, if you will beat your wife, children or another person you do not need to own a gun. However I believe that any gun bills only hurt the law-abiding citizen, criminals do not follow our laws now. Someone who is mentally ill should not have access to guns also.

Roe v. Wade

I am pro choice. I feel a woman’s body and her decisions are her own. I wish there was no need for this, but I also wish there was no rape, incest and unwanted pregnancies. A woman’s right to choose is just that – the right to choose regarding her life.

Recreational marijuana

I would support legislation to legalize marijuana or to decriminalize the possession of having marijuana as long as we treated it as we would alcohol. The same rules apply and we would invest in educating young people the same way we do with alcohol.

Bennett WOULD support Mattiello

Bio information:

Name: David A. Bennett

Address: 27 Shippee Ave, Warwick

Age: 63

Party affiliation: Democrat

Education: Associates, Education and Social Services. BA Psychology, Registered Nurse

Current employment: Thrive Behavioral, formerly The Kent Center

Government experience: State Representative


Most pressing issue

The people of our district are most concerned about Warwick’s schools, jobs and the economy, and increased property taxes. Our $9.6 Billion State Budget is too rich for the hard working middle class taxpayers of Warwick. As our Representative I will fight for Warwick’s public schools to get the funding our district needs without settling for less. Our teachers and schoolchildren deserve better than the substandard facilities we have neglected for years. On our local economy I will advocate for Warwick as a key city for business development, while opposing taxpayer-funded corporate welfare giveaways. Corporate officers donate big checks to RI politicians to gain an unfair advantage over local family-run businesses. This corrupt practice must end. Finally, Warwick families cannot afford any more maximum tax increase budgets. I will fight to protect middle class families and retirees on fixed incomes from unnecessary tax increases and keep housing affordable in Warwick.

Gun reform

Gun violence has become a serious problem in our country. Part of the problem is an overwhelming majority of illegal gun crimes are not prosecuted at all. Politicians talking tough about banning guns from schools and other public places has not effectively improved public safety. Until prosecutors are willing to do their jobs, this year’s actions will have a marginal impact. Legislation enabling firearms interdiction, such as metal detectors or specially trained military working dogs, would provide real benefits and enhance school safety by detecting concealed guns before they enter the building.

Roe v. Wade

It is no secret that I am the pro-life candidate in this race for State Representative. As an adopted son I am particularly grateful to my birth parents, who chose life for me. With that said, I understand that Roe v. Wade is the law of the land, and agree that abortions should be safe, legal and rare. If the situation changes and the 1973 ruling is overturned, I would consider state legislation provided it is supported by a majority of the people of our district.

Recreational marijuana

The time has come to end the war on cannabis. Millions of Americans have been denied job opportunities or sentenced to prison following convictions for simple possession. Legislation has been introduced in Congress to remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act, which I fully support. But in Rhode Island, rather than consider legalization, the State House has favored collecting revenue from medical patients by taxing medicine at retail and imposing onerous fees on those who grow in a very regressive tax policy. I support legalization of cannabis and hope to finally end the aggressive prosecution of victimless crimes.

Elliott Would NOT support Mattiello

Bio information:

Name: Dan Elliott

Address: 37 Covington Dr.

Age: 37

Party affiliation: Independent

Education: Diploma, Toll Gate High School; A.S. in Business, Community College of Rhode Island; B.S. in Hospitality Management, Johnson & Wales University

Current employment: Small business owner/operator

Government experience: Political outsider, second time candidate



Most pressing issue

The most pressing issue in District 21 is the shortage of resources provided by the State Funding Formula. It must be reformed. The future of Warwick depends heavily on the quality of our schools. Restoring school funding is a high priority and it cannot be done effectively by our City without the State increasing its contribution. Rather than escalate “RI’s Promise” to four years’ of college as suggested by the Governor, I will fight to have that money made available for K-12. Additionally, I intend to address this shortage by adding a caveat for mobile funding. I believe fiscal resources should follow the student in all cases. It is not fair to have a student transfer back to his/her original school District and allow the funds allocated for the student to remain in the Charter School. That places a further strain on the original District.

Gun reform

I believe the legislative actions taken during the last session were beneficial to the State. It addressed the critical public safety issue of mental health, violent behavior and gun ownership while amending the original Bill to include Judicial Discretion prior to issuing an “extreme risk protection order.”   I believe this is a highly responsible way to help reduce the risk of gun violence, including suicide, while respecting the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

Roe v. Wade

No, I would not support a constitutional provision to codify Roe v. Wade into State law. It is already the law of the land.

Recreational marijuana

I do not support legalizing marijuana for recreational use. What is the anticipated strain on Public Utilities for a crop that demands 24-hour indoor lighting, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems at multiplying grow sites? What is the physical impact of long-term, unregulated use? How does marijuana affect developing brains? How would law enforcement handle testing for DUI when marijuana is involved? Should legalization include cannabinoids, including THC in e-cigarettes or vapor pens? How would the State monitor THC strains and potency? I support medical marijuana and its government regulations. I think recreational marijuana may have significant unintended consequences.

Vella-Wilkinson provided NO ANSWER on question about Mattiello

Bio information:

Name: Camille Vella-Wilkinson

Address: 786 Church Avenue, Warwick

Age: 61

Party affiliation: Traditional Democrat

Education: Masters Degree in Labor Relations; Juris Doctor

Current employment: Retired Navy Officer; self employed

Government experience: RI Commission for Human Rights (17 years); Warwick City Council (6 years); RI State Representative (2 years); US Navy (20 years)


Most pressing issue

Jobs, the economy, health care, taxes and the ability to earn a living and provide food for families are the most important issues. The majority are two income families surviving. And on those the status quo is failing us miserably which is why we need new representation in the State House.

Gun reform

Gun control never came up walking, but residents were concerned about the waste and fraud in the state 9 plus billion dollar budget and were receptive to my proposal of an Inspector General. More laws are not going to fix a thing in the mind of a person intent on doing harm.

Roe v. Wade

You have a limit of 100 word response to this and really requires more. This came up with only two people while walking the district. While this is a very specific singular issue with some voters and very important, as a man or male, I don’t feel its my right to tell another person, more specifically a woman, what she can or can not do with her body or her health. Additionally, this is already settled on the federal level.

Recreational marijuana

This issue never came up while walking. In the recreational sense that you mention, no I would not support this. As a business owner this would be a nightmare and create unnecessary liability. However, in a medical or prescription based application under the supervision of a medical professional I am for it. It has already proven to be able to control seizure disorders nausea and PTSD, to name a few.

Underwood would NOT support Mattiello

Bio information:

Name: Michael Underwood

Address: PO BOX 9507 Warwick

Age: 51

Party affiliation: Republican

Education: 3 years of college, over a dozen military training programs

Current employment: Retired diasabled Veteran, Owner M&L Home Improvement and Landscaping LLC

Government experience: 23 year Honorably retired disabled U.S. Coast Guard veteran. My last three jobs were at the command level. 1. Operations manager, third in command, of a 110 foot Patrol boat Gloucester Ma 18-20 person crew, 200,00$ annual budget. 2. Executive Petty Officer, second in command, of an 87 foot Patrol Boat New London CT, 16 person crew, 150,00$ annual budget. Executive Petty Officer, Station Castle Hill, Newport RI, second in command, 45 person crew, mansion style building in mansion row, four small boat assets, 150,000$ annual budget I am used to being responsible to the public during my entire career, in my interactions and as manager of financial and physical assets


Most pressing issue

We need to keep Rhode Island affordable for our current residents and also attract new people to the state. Next year, I will be introducing several pieces of legislation that will lower costs for residents and attract new people and new businesses to the state.

Gun reform 

It is important to make sure that those who are prohibited from owning firearms do not have access to them. The actions taken last session made important changes to our laws to keep our residents safe, while also respecting the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

Roe v. Wade

The U.S. Supreme Court decided the issue in 1973 and until federal law is changed, I don’t believe it is necessary to amend state law.

Recreational marijuana

I support legalization for those who are over the age of 21. However, any law that legalizes recreational marijuana use must be done thoughtfully, with a comprehensive regulatory framework that ensures the safety of our residents and communities.

Solomon WOULD support Mattiello for Speaker

Bio information:

Name: Joseph J. Solomon Jr.

Address: 54 Hess Avenue, Warwick

Age: 35

Party affiliation: Democrat

Education: New England Law Boston, JD; Providence College- BS in Accountancy; Bishop Hendricken High School

Current employment: Attorney, businessowner

Government experience: January 2015- present  State Representative District 22


Most pressing issue

The most pressing issues that District 23 faces are the same that every community in the state is experiencing – concern for the futures of their children, having enough money in their pockets to deal with necessary issues and the health and safety of their loved ones. And when facing these important concerns, I still firmly believe, as I did when I first ran for office, that the only solution is to elect legislators who are honest and work hard on a daily basis for the betterment of the district that they were elected to fight for. And I believe I have done that over the course of my legislative career. I walk into the State House every day to make sure that everyone in the district has the opportunity to get a well-paying job that supports their family, that our children and most vulnerable have the social safety net to protect them from this chaotic world, and that every single resident of District 23 has the best possible opportunities afforded to them to succeed.

Gun reform

I firmly believe that the actions of the General Assembly in response to recent gun violence have made the residents of our state safer. In particular, the “Red Flag” law will protect out citizens from dangerous and mentally unstable people who should not have access to firearms. The state now has a definitive legal process to remove firearms from dangerous individuals who pose a threat to our citizens and I am proud of being part of the coalition to pass this much-needed law.

Roe v. Wade

Roe v. Wade has been established Federal law for the past several decades and I do not anticipate this fact changing in the near future. This is an issue that the House will look at in 2019.

Recreational marijuana

I believe we have to carefully and closely examine this issue due to the recent passage of legal recreational marijuana in Massachusetts. The imminent opening of recreational marijuana stores in Massachusetts also makes this issue an economic one as well. There are several complicated facets to this issue that need to be addressed in the most deliberate and careful way possible, such as law enforcement concerns, impaired driving and effects on the ever present black market need to be carefully analyzed so that the citizens of Rhode Island are protected without missing any possible economic opportunities for our state.

Shekarchi WOULD support Mattiello

Bio information:

Name: K. Joseph Shekarchi

Address: 3524 West Shore Road, Warwick

Party: Democrat

Education: BS in Government and JD from Suffolk University

Employment: Self-employed attorney

Government Experience: Rhode Island House of Representatives (two terms, one as Majority Leader)



Most pressing issue

As I have been walking my district, the issue I hear most often from voters is their concern about where our tax dollars are being spent.  They are worried because our elected officials are not investing our tax dollars where it is most needed. We need to create an independent Office of Inspector General to investigate fraud, wasteful and reckless spending and to determine which programs are in need of additional funding and which programs are over-funded.

Gun reform

I don’t believe the legislation passed by the General Assembly this past legislative session will have the intended result.  Criminals will always find a way to kill innocent people.

Roe v. Wade

I am personally Pro-Life, but there are certain medical situations where such a law is necessary to safely protect a woman’s wellbeing.  

Recreational marijuana

Yes, I support legalizing marijuana and allowing people to purchase it at a safe and legal establishment.  This will reduce the safety and health risks associated with people buying marijuana illegally on the street.  Also, the additional tax revenue generated from legalizing marijuana can be used to help fund educational programs.

Caiozzo would NOT support Mattiello

Bio information:

Name: Julie Caiozzo

Address: 40 Cedar Pond Drive, Apartment 9

Age: 27

Party affiliation: Republican

Education: Toll Gate High School, Palermo ACW Esthetics School (Italy)

Current employment: Esthetician

Government experience: First Time Seeking Political Office


Most pressing issue

I’ve been knocking on doors across District 24 for the past seven months and the condition of our public schools and the quality of the education they provide has been the number one issue on voters’ minds. The education I received at Cedar Hill, Winman and Toll Gate allowed me to succeed at Providence College and Catholic University Law School.  We’ve begun to address the issue by passing the $250m school bond.  I will also advocate for increased State aid for Warwick schools, more school infrastructure investment bonds, and a greater emphasis on vocational and career development programs in our secondary schools. We need to make sure that all of our children are graduating high school ready for advanced college courses and/or prepared to enter the workforce and compete for skilled positions.

Gun legislation

I’m a parent, and the husband of a school teacher. I’m also the son of a police officer, and we grew up with firearms safely stored in our home. I am committed to doing everything possible to make sure the epidemic of gun violence does not come to Warwick. In the past two years we passed legislation that gives law enforcement the tools to take action to remove guns from the equation when there are threats of violence. We also passed legislation banning bump stocks. These common-sense pieces of legislation were the product of thoughtful deliberation and debate with input from all sides. It is my strong opinion that these laws are beneficial to the State because they will help save lives and will not impact law abiding gun owners.

Roe v. Wade

Yes. I was raised and remain Catholic. However, in my capacity as State Representative, I will not let my personal religious beliefs dictate a woman’s health care decisions. For forty plus years, Roe v. Wade has been the law of the land. It is here to stay unless future Supreme Court decisions allow extremists to chip away at its core precedent. It is time to adjust our State laws in conformity with Roe v. Wade so that women know that their autonomy is respected and protected in Rhode Island.

Recreational marijuana

Yes. Our neighbors have already taken action on this issue and it is time that we do as well. Legalization would discourage criminal sales, control potency and promote tax revenues. With that said, we need to ensure that the sale of marijuana is carefully regulated and a portion of tax revenues is directed to law enforcement and education. By the way, this is an issue where I differ from Speaker Mattiello, just as I support a line item veto, inspector general, and return of 911 fees to law enforcement and he doesn’t.  On balance, I support a cautious approach to legalization.

Shanley WOULD support Mattiello for Speaker

Bio information:

Name: Evan Patrick Shanley

Address: 190 Viceroy Road

Age: 32

Party affiliation: Democrat

Education: Toll Gate HS (2005), Providence College (2009), Catholic University Law School (2012)

Current employment: Associate Attorney at Gursky | Wiens, Ltd.

Government experience: State Representive, District 24 (2017-Present)


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The candidates that I endorse:

Joe McNamara: Representative District 19 - When I announced my campaign for Mayor in early 2015, Joe called me and met with me to learn all about The Corrente Plan. He met with me several times since then, attended my fundraisers, and has always given me sound advice. He has earned my endorsement.

Dave Bennett: Representative District 20 - Dave has the exact blend of wisdom, diligence, experience and humor to get the job done. He knows how to maneuver around obstacles and his negotiating skills are the best. I endorse him strongly.

Camille Vella-Wilkinson: Representative District 21 - She and I met for breakfast years ago both determined to show how wrong the other one was on an issue that we were on opposite sides of. We ended the meeting as new friends. I have admired her tenacity and willingness to do whatever it takes to solve a problem, ever since. Her husband Ken, Camille and I have become good friends and I have not seen anyone work as hard in the State House as she does, especially for Veterans. She has my full support and endorsement, and for the effort she has made to increase what the Airport pays to the City of Warwick, makes me say "Way-to-go-Camille Vella-Wilkinson!"

Congratulations to everyone listed above. You worked your hearts out and deserve our total respect and thanks. The many hours and dollars you invested went to the common good. Those that will lose this election will make those that win better servants of the taxpayers.

Happy Election to all. PLEASE VOTE!

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Thursday, November 1, 2018

For someone who has been ranting about "political insiders," the two-time election reject just endorsed an entire slate of them, again proving his utter hypocrisy.

None of these candidate should -- or will -- tout the two-time election reject's support in any way, as they will not need it and will either win or lose election on their own merits.

Honest, taxpaying voters will have a wonderful election knowing that they kept him off the ballot.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Dear CrickeeRaven,

Bite me.

I never endorsed a "slate of political insiders" as you accuse. I just gave my sincere opinion of these candidates listed above. If that bothers your sensibilities in any way, shape, or form...GOOD!

One more thing. I am not a "two-time election reject" just because I came in second place. The Patriots came in second in the Superbowl. Would you call them "rejects"? I wouldn't.

By the way, you didn't even have the courage to run! Or identify yourself. (Mark Carruolo) If I am a reject and you didn't even have the courage to run...or even comment using your own name...doesn't that make you the worst kind of a coward? Yeah Mark, it does.

You talk about "hypocracy"? You don't even have enough self esteem to comment using your own name!

Call me at 401-338-9900. Let's see if you can actually stand up to me. You're not afraid, are you? You can block your number if you are.

You anonymous coward of a critic.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Thursday, November 1, 2018

As expected, the two-time election reject (because he was overwhelmingly rejected by voters) humiliates himself more with childish insults, lies, and conspiracy theories.

He is also making false statements about who is using this screen name, and exhibiting an unhealthy obsession with someone he likely never met in person.

In short, the two-time election reject has willfully disgraced himself -- and certainly will again.

Honest, taxpaying voters are thankful that they have kept the lying, name-calling, delusional election reject out of office.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

my guys not an insider. he is the one true voice on smif hill. it is all those other politicians that are ruining the place.

once dis attitude gets changed and the ga really does the peoples work, then things will change.

bite me mister mayer? eyes thought youse was better than that. I expected a f*ck y*u *ssh*le at least.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Dear Justanidiot,

You read my mind.


Friday, November 2, 2018

Justanidiot, that must have been a very quick read.

Friday, November 2, 2018


Football games are decided on talent and execution. Elections are based on choices made by citizens. The choices were made and the citizens rejected you. If you were looking for an analogy, at least find one that are based on the same premise.

"Bite me"? You shouted "shut up" at the wife of a candidate and now you are telling someone to bite you? You are starting to unravel.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Dear Cat2222,

There is a bill in front of Congress right now that would make it mandatory for ALL voters to vote. It is gaining bi-partisan strength. I wonder what would have happened if every voter in Warwick was required to vote in EITHER of my Mayoral elections. Based on the number of people that have approached me since the Democratic Primary, it would have been wonderful to watch. Even you have to admit that Joe Solomon had a huge advantage when he slapped the taxpayers with the largest tax increase allowed by law to buy votes from the political insiders. I'm guessing that gave Joe about 5,000 votes. Comparing my 1,800+ to the wildly popular Mike McCaffrey who did NOT have that same advantage, and the results are MUCH closer. Mike got about 2,400 votes and wasn't in the same position to tax-and-buy-votes as Joe (or any sitting Mayor) was. PLUS I refused all Political Action Committee checks (Solomon took tens of thousands) PLUS, I had a very popular Jed Carbone who split the "outsider" vote with me. PLUS it poured on election day. Voters didn't come out unless their jobs depended on it. Based on all that I did pretty good although I don't expect you or the other unidentified critics to admit it. I had what it took to put my name in the race. You don't even HAVE a name. Have you ever campaigned? Have you ever done 1% as much as I have? Has CrickeeRaven? Has Scal1024? Nope!

Cat2222, there is another election in two years and the public loves me. Everywhere I go people approach me repeating my "Cut Taxes - Cut Spending" message. Cat2222, can you think of ONE piece of Federal, State, or Warwick Legislation that is worth the money the taxpayers pay? I can't.

I'm not the only one that calls me "The Taxpayers Mayor".

No offense but, I'm not "starting to unravel" Cat2222. I'm just getting started and 2020 is just a few weeks away!

By the way...That person with the fake name "CrickeeRaven deserved the "Bite me." remark. The "shut up" remark was uncalled for and I have apologized for it. I didn't deserve to have her block my way as I was leaving. I didn't deserve the lengthy, verbal attack she gave me. I didn't deserve the abrasive non-stop questions that she demanded I answer without giving me one second to do so. I didn't deserve to not even know who she was when it was happening but that still doesn't excuse my comment. It was wrong on my part.

However, it doesn't cover-up or excuse the fact that her husband was a no-show. She tried to explain that Nathan Cornell wasn't a better candidate "just because he attends all the School Committee and City Council meetings". She's wrong. IT DOES!

Keep in touch Cat2222. Your comments are worth reading.

Happy Thanksgiving Cat2222.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. PLEASE VOTE!

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Corrente, you are a worthless delusional political reject. You aligned yourself with other worthless candidates such as that disgusting hunk of refuse Wikinson. Complete waste product who did nothing for Warwick but stroke the unions. She is a self serving wretch that ignored her fiduciary responsibility to the residents of Warwick. You are 2 peas in a pod. Just go away with your nonsensical diatribe. Thousands love You? What a joke. Every excuse in the book. Mickey mouse will get more write in votes Tuesday than you got in 2 failed attempts. You're so out of touch with the condition of this city and you have no answers. Again, what 1 line item in the budget could you cut, you public display of idiocy?

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Thecaptain, it's so pathetic how the two-time election reject keeps finding ways to disgrace himself even more with every new comment.

He's proven himself to be a spite-filled, hypocritical liar who feels justified in yelling at women.

"I don't deserve..."

Because of his willing and repeated behavior, he deserved the two overwhelming rejections by honest, taxpaying voters, and deserves nothing but scorn and ridicule.

I am certainly thankful for the opportunity to join you and thousands of our honest, taxpaying neighbors in rejecting his candidacy again this year.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Delusional and unraveling. You can't even maintain the facade of being an adult when faced with someone who is calling you out on your ridiculous behavior. No class, no intelligence and no success.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Cat, with every comment, the two-time election reject proves why we and thousands of our honest, taxpaying neighbors were 100% correct to reject him at the polls again in September.

As you noted, he couldn't reply to you with anything approaching a valid point, so he invented this fantasy of compulsory voting that would somehow have benefited him.

On top of that, he repeats his ridiculous accusations against Mayor Solomon and adds a number of excuses for his poor performance -- Gerry Carbone, the rain, his lack of campaign contributions -- while trying to spin them as reason that he "did pretty good."

What's truly revealing about him is that he thinks that this sort of behavior, blaming everyone and everything except himself for his two overwhelming losses, makes him a legitimate candidate.

It doesn't. All it proves is that he refuses to be accountable for his own words and actions -- and as voters have shown him, twice, that makes him utterly unfit for any office.

Monday, November 5, 2018


Making it mandatory to vote won't make people vote, its mandatory to pay your taxes and as we know not everyone does that.....

Happy Cloudy Day

Corrente's Mayor.

Monday, November 5, 2018

RC: "here is another election in two years and the public loves me"

78,000 taxpayers disagree with you on that one RC!

Friday, November 16, 2018