Residents, businesses reminded to shovel sidewalks


The city administration has reminded residents and business owners that it is their responsibility to make sure that sidewalks in front of their property are shoveled and cleared of ice as soon as possible after snowstorms.

That also goes for the city and the state, said a spokeswoman for the mayor. Sue Baker noted that the city’s Department of Public Works has made a concerted effort to clear sidewalks near schools.

In fact, it has been the law in the city for more than 35 years that an owner, owner-designated occupant, or any person having the care of a building must clear sidewalks of ice and snow.

Those who do not comply with the law are subject to fines or other penalties. (Chapter 70, sections 101-105). Police will be enforcing the law and issuing violations when appropriate.

Residents and business owners alike are reminded that parking bans will also be enforced this season in order to assure the safety of pedestrians and drivers and to allow crews to more effectively clear snow from streets.


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