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Physical therapist Amanda Zarriello, DPT watched as her patient limped his way from his car to the front door of her sunbathed office in Cranston. With her practiced eye, Dr. Zarriello could not only see that the patient was in pain but more importantly, she knew that she could help this young man. Helping people is the primary reason that Dr. Zarriello chose to pursue her career. As a lifelong athlete and active person, Dr. Zarriello knew that combining these two passions ~ helping people and encouraging others to enjoy active, pain-free lives ~ would check every box.

Dr. Zarriello, known more informally as Amanda, received her Doctor of Physical Therapy from Sacred Heart University. She is a graduate of her hometown high school Cranston West and the University of Rhode Island. After seven arduous years of formal schooling, Amanda worked in a traditional physical therapy center ~ in fact, she herself opened a similar outpatient clinic. Through that experience, she learned things that would change the direction of her career and ultimately shaped her philosophy as a therapist.

Thus was born “Restore Physical Therapy,” Dr.Zarriello’s private practice, opened in October of 2018.

Dr. Zarriello saw that longer, more targeted therapy sessions had a far greater impact on the level of care, quality of care and duration of care of her patients than did more traditional approaches. Her goal at Restore is to “treat the whole person, not just the diagnosis, to get you back to the life you want to live, pain free.” That may seem like a lofty goal to some, but to Amanda, this is not only what drives her but also what she knows is completely within the realm of possibility. Through a thorough evaluation, an individually-customized therapy program and ongoing support and education, Amanda’s patients can absolutely achieve a pain-free life.

Many may ask, why choose Restore Physical Therapy? The answers are numerous: no doctor’s prescription is needed ~ one call to set up an appointment and you can get started right away; each session is an entire hour of one-on-one, personal time; Amanda uses innovative manual therapy techniques and is a Certified Dry Needling therapist (a technique that releases trigger points and painful “knots” in the muscles); and mostly, Restore offers a holistic approach to healing and recovery. This is a practice that employs a completely “hands-on” approach to therapy that is specific, targeted, effective and only as long-term as your situation demands.

If you experience a nagging pain, have hurt yourself on the ballfield or are suffering with your mobility, call Restore. You don’t have to endure that pain any longer.

Restore Physical Therapy is found at 10 Worthington Road, located minutes off Route 37. Dr. Zarriello invites prospective patients to call for a free phone consultation and a free 20-minute screening to assess your degree of need. You can call Restore at 401-250-3060 or book online at Find Restore at Facebook and Instagram.


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