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(Gory, Exciting Sci-Fi) 

If you like your science fiction on the gory side, “Riddick” will please you.

Vin Diesel reprises his role as the anti-hero ex-con in the third movie of the series.

He was last left to die on a sepia-colored barren planet filled with scorpion-like water creatures and big-eared wolf-like creatures that are trying their hardest to kill and eat him.

This takes up the first third of the violent movie, as we listen to Diesel’s voiceover, spouting out gems like, “There are bad days,” and “The planet wanted a piece of me.”

Riddick manages to survive the predators, taking a “pup” as a pet and companion. He is blessed with night vision, which helps him survive but realizes that a storm is coming that will destroy the planet, so he sets off an “emergency beacon” that lets interstellar bounty hunters know where he is.

The rest of the movie is one big, bloody cat and mouse game, as two groups of bounty hunters arrive, fight with each other, and eventually join forces to capture Riddick.

There are some interesting special effects and some pretty mean characters, but our hero – I mean anti-hero – is a mean match for all of them, getting out of impossible situations and miraculously leaving the door open for yet another sequel.

Rated a big R for language, nudity, sexual innuendos, and lots of blood and gore.


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