Right still turns blind eye to hypocrisy


To the Editor:

Thank you, Mr. Cervone, for your heart-felt apology. I’m glad you accepted that your thoughts on former-President Obama taking less affluent taxpayers with him on his vacation trips were positively inane. It’s comforting to learn that people from different sides of the political spectrum can find common ground in shared beliefs. 

However, one point you raised still baffles me. You said I stand by Mr. Obama despite never meeting him, while you did meet him in Iraq. How did you meet him, how long did you talk, and about what subjects? Unless you served in some high-ranking capacity, I doubt you managed to delve deeply into his politics or his personal feelings in a brief combat-zone encounter. Did he say more than “Where you from, soldier? Thank you for your service.” If so, you were lucky because the only time I saw a president while I was in service was on TV, and he was assassinated before I could meet him. Similarly, have you ever met the current president? For how long did you converse? Did you simply swallow his pie-in-the-sky promises without considering how unreasonable they are?

On a related note, in the comments to the paper’s website, davebarry109 referred to Obama playing golf during his tenure in office, and he took exception to that. He doesn’t think Obama should have played while international events occur. To some extent, I agree. Presidential time off should be limited just as it is for ordinary bread-winners. But he fails to consider his own champion’s golf habits. Trump (despite insisting he would never set foot on a golf course while in office) has spent twice as much time playing golf as Obama in the same time period and during tense international times. Still, the Right turns a blind eye and refuses to admit to his hypocrisy.

As for Dave characterizing me as a “snowflake,” snowflakes can also become hailstones capable of causing significant damage despite their seeming fragility.

Barry Nordin


U.S. Army draftee



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I never claimed I was for Trump. I was an 'anyone but hillary rotten clinton' guy. And the golf thing you messed up a little also. I said he went to play a round of golf within 30 minutes of his presser about an American getting his head cut off by ISIS. Not really a good transition. I don't begrudge any president taking some weeks vacation or playing golf on the weekends or trips to camp David. All good for stress. It is the idea that they take far more vacation time than any CEO and way more than the average American worker. And by doing so they are spending millions using AF1 and the accompanying entourages of staff and security.

Friday, August 4, 2017

What exactly is a Reluctant/Patriot? And no one cares that you were drafted...it was probably the only way to get you to serve..get over yourself.....

Monday, December 11, 2017