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For all your moving needs in 2020


            When the seasons change from winter to spring, as they will in the weeks ahead, it seems as though there is an uptick in the number of people who are moving.  Homeowners often wait until the school year comes to an end before packing up their possessions and moving either within the state . . .or beyond.  Though it is only February, if you are planning a move this spring or summer, now is the time to get planning.

Moving a lifetime of belongings can be a burdensome process, both in its physical effort and its emotional toll.  It is times like these when homeowners need to be able to place all their trust in the hands of a dependable, professional, hard-working and trust-worthy moving company.  It is times like these when they need the services of just this kind of company, the Rhode Island-born and based moving company, RL Davis Moving & Storage.

RL Davis Moving & Storage has been serving home and business owners for as far back as licensing records have been kept in Rhode Island.  Owned by Michael Hewitt since 1999, RL Davis has been a permanent fixture on the local landscape for nearly a century and now, its telltale trucks are regularly seen on the roads and byways of New England.

            Michael Hewitt, a lifelong Rhode Islander, is known for his loyalty to his community, to his employees and to his many customers.  Michael knows that the reputation of RL Davis Moving & Storage Company depends entirely on the reliability and professionalism of his moving crews. Courteous, on time and respectful would all be words used to describe this team of dedicated movers.

            RL Davis Moving will do most any job, from hauling your grandmother’s old curio cabinet out of your living room to packing up and moving your entire home or business.  No job is too big or too small. They will move your possessions from your residence to anywhere in New England, including Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Maine, New York and New Jersey. 

            One of the things Michael and his talented team take pride in is the way they take care of those who need an extra hand.  If you are a senior who is planning a move, RL Davis knows the potential hardship that moves impose on the elderly and offers them a 5% discount. Furthermore, they are one of a handful of local businesses that contract with the state to move those receiving public assistance. 

            While RL Davis are professional movers and packers, if you prefer to do the packing yourself, this company has all your supplies for sale, including boxes, tape and more.

            If are planning a move or need help in an unexpected one, call RL Davis Moving & Storage today at 401-463-0006, 401-884-2355 or their toll-free number at 1-877-MOVE-U-OUT.  Office manager and Michael’s wife Lori will take your call.


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