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(Action movie with a heart)

Action movie fans may be able to convince their significant others to sit through this modern version of the 1987 “RoboCop” because the writers have added a strong element of love, caring and family.

Joel Kinnaman stars as Alex Murphy, a Detroit cop who is literally blown away by the bad guys he is pursuing. Michael Keaton plays the CEO of Omnicorp, a major company that wants to put robots on the city streets to protect citizens...and make him a bundle of money. Gary Oldman plays the scientist who creates a cyborg out of what is left of Alex’s body, which is basically his head and one hand. The special effects are quite remarkable.

There’s plenty of action, with Alex trained to fight with his special suit of armor and all its guns and gadgets.

“RoboCop” turns into a morality play as we watch a TV program featuring Samuel L. Jackson as a militant newsman urging the United States to follow other nations by putting robots on the street to blow away the bad guys. He promotes RoboCop, quickly turning him into a hero, while the corporation leaders strive to put more robots on the street. The morality question of robots versus thinking human beings defending our country is pushed to its limits.

And then there is the question about Alex’s relationship with his wife and son, which gets a bit murky as he is programmed with one thought in mind: catching and killing bad guys.

There’s a big blowout finale that will please action fans.

Rated PG-13, with violence and some profanity.


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