Rocky Point closure has no factual basis


To the Editor:
Someone has posted two signs announcing “Beach Closed” at the shoreline near the arch in Rocky Point Park. I’m not sure who posted the signs as there has been no ordinance proposed, no public comment, and no vote on closing a public beach.
The city, at the instigation of Councilman Ed Ladouceur, has previously attempted to close this beach by erecting a wall across it, in order to appease wealthy Ward 5 constituents on Tea House Lane. The Coastal Resources Management Council made the city remove that wall, and this time the CRMC should remove these beach closure signs as they are in violation of Article 1 of the state’s Constitution ensuring public access.
Whoever posted them will likely cite the recent drowning at Conimicut and “liability” issues, but these are specious arguments. Conditions at this placid beach are not comparable to the treacherous currents and shifting sands at Conimicut Point, and even there it’s not swimmers who get into trouble, it’s fishermen burdened by boots and other gear who are prone to slipping off the shifting sands of the Point.
Since the park’s reopening many years ago there have been no lifeguards at Rocky Point Beach, and there have been no problems, no promises of protection, and hence no liability. This “Beach Closure” is an attempted seizure of public land for private interests.

Gerald Carbone

Editor’s note: When asked about the beach closure Wednesday, Mayor Joseph Solomon said he knew of no swimming beach at Rocky Point or a sign that it was closed. The mayor’s office later called to say the signs were suggested by DEM and that they have been changed to say there is no lifeguard on duty.


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The rich residents of Warwick Neck (and elsewhere in the state) have consistently blocked public access to the shore. They have planted shrubs and other vegetation that take over paths to the water. They have the council pass no parking ordinances on streets that have public access at the ends. The call the police if you park on the street and ensure you are tickets. In short, they do everything to ensure the water is for them and not you. Warwick has several public access spots in Warwick Neck and you cannot park near any of them. Not legally, anyway.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019
John Stark

"...Mayor Joseph Solomon said he knew of no swimming beach at Rocky Point... " The mayor (yes, Mayor) can be forgiven for his oversight, as the swimming beach at Rocky Point is something new. It has only been used for recreational swimming and lounging since at least the 1840's, and probably well before that. But again, the mayor lives about a mile from there, so the confusion is understandable.

dave: Isn't it a state law that there must be public assess every half mile or so? And I mean full access.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019