Rocky Point icon gives Cape fish store the slip


Rocky the Lobster is on the loose and Robert M. Lewis is offering a reward to get him back.

“It’s frustrating as all hell,” Lewis said yesterday of Rocky’s disappearance from outside his East Falmouth store Friday night. Lewis is the owner of the Green Pond Fish Market on Cape Cod.

Rocky, the icon of Rocky Point Amusement Park, was acquired by Lewis’ uncle at an action following the close of the park in 1995.

Rocky took up residence over the market’s lobster tank, but when Lewis moved to a new location three years ago, the 5-foot-tall fiberglass lobster with its smiley face, cane and tipped top hat, was mounted outside the store.

“I’m kind of proud that he was salvaged out of the junk, and I’m very sad to see him go,” said Lewis.

Lewis visited Rocky Point a couple of times as a child and remembers the excitement of the park and running around as his parents tried to keep track of him. His memory is of a fun place, although no particular ride comes to mind.

He said customers would ask him where he got the lobster and how it happened to be named “Rocky,” and, “I would always tell them the story [of the park].”

Now Lewis is telling the story of Rocky’s disappearance to anyone and everyone in hopes of getting him back. Since the Falmouth Enterprise posted a story of the theft on his Facebook page, he has had 8,000 hits.

“I’ve got the Enterprise and now you guys are doing something,” he said of the Beacon.

With all the attention, he hopes someone somewhere will spot Rocky, perhaps in someone’s garage, and urge the person to give it back. He pointed out that Bob’s Big Boy, a statue that stood outside a burger store reappeared after his theft was widely publicized. As an incentive, Lewis is offering a $100 reward for Rocky’s return.

Lewis believes his Rocky is one of several that were featured at the park but he’s not sure. He viewed the documentary “You Must be This Tall” where he thought he saw at least one other Rocky-like lobster.

Lewis says he knows all the nicks and cracks of his Rocky.

“I can pick him out of a lineup,” he said.

Should Rocky come back, Lewis plans to put him back outside, only this time he plans to drive mounts through the wall.

“When he goes back up, he’ll be there for a long time,” he vowed.


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