Rocky Point pier almost ready for bids


Despite a slight setback, the state-led process which will result in a public pier at Rocky Point Park in Warwick is well underway and nearly out of the design phase, according to Andres Aveledo, an engineer contracted through the planning and development sector of the state Department of Environmental Management.

Aveledo appeared before the Warwick City Council last week to present the final design documents of the pier – which includes an approximately 260-foot-long wooden walkway leading from the existing blacktop path out to a 21-by-111-foot main deck elevated 13 feet off the surface of Narragansett Bay.

There will be an assortment of double wide bench seating, a shaded structure with more bench seating beneath, handrails around the perimeter of the pier and post-mounted, solar-powered lighting. Aveledo said that the deck would be situated perfectly close to a significant drop-off in the oceanic topography, making it a pristine spot for fishing.

The only thing left to accomplish is to get the city council to sign off on an agreement to lease the land, which is owned by the city, to the state so they can advertise for bids to build the pier. The state would pay for the project.

However, that exact cost, Aveledo said, couldn’t be predicted at this time because of two “alternate” pieces to the bid – a floating wooden structure and a larger, 30-by-60-foot steel structure – which the state may or may not be inclined to pay for, depending on the cost estimates they receive from prospective bidders.

Avedelo said that the only hang-up in their presentation to the council, which pushed the lease agreement back a couple weeks, was clerical in nature and not anything significant. The issue will be back before the council once again during their next regularly scheduled meeting on Jan. 17.

Avedelo said once the lease agreement is secured, the project should move forward quickly.

“Within a month of getting the lease agreement approved, we should be out to bid,” he said.


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In the end, it'll probably cost taxpayers as much as the entire park and be condemned after its first brush with a Nor'easter or hurricane

Friday, January 12, 2018

Am I the only one that thinks this project is going to be a disaster? This prestige piece of land will become a parking lot for cars and boat trailers, exhaust fumes, noise, traffic, etc. Do we need to ruin the peaceful, tranquil space that we all desperately need ?

Friday, January 12, 2018

Dear KathyNottell and RISchadenfreude,

In 2009 I contacted the DEM, Dept. of Coastal Resources. I asked them if they wanted the name of the biggest polluter of Narragansett Bay. I told them I have fished every square inch of the bay and I know from that experience that the fish are GONE from this one spot where I used to catch buckets of fish full every time from the early 60's until 2009. I told them about a "mountain of asphalt at the bottom of a mile of pavement that washes toxic pollutants into the bay with every rainstorm". They were seriously interested until I told them that the polluter was the City of Warwick at Rocky Point. I used to catch dozens of Tataug there, right in front of the old bridge, but since 2009 I've only caught one.

You're both right. Rocky Point already IS costing the taxpayers a fortune and it already IS a disaster.

The question is, "What do we do about it?" The taxpayers of Warwick need a solution. I personally believe prestigious homes will greatly increase our tax revenue and still preserve much of the beautiful rocky shoreline. I thought Fisher Homes (Hugh Fisher) had a beautiful development plan. I also feel that a new development of this high-end quality will attract new homebuyers to Warwick in all price ranges and help replace the 5,800 taxpayers that have exited Warwick in the last ten years. (according to the U.S. Census).

I respect those who disagree and welcome their alternative ideas.

Until then, this very beautiful piece of land is costing the taxpayers; not benefitting them.

Happy Valentines everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Friday, January 12, 2018

Once again the failed fake "mayor" can not get from one end of a comment to the other without contradicting himself.

He wants "prestigious homes" at Rocky Point that will somehow be affordable "in all price ranges," blames the city for pollution (with no proof) and wants to construct new homes that will require sewers to be run, and calls Rocky Point "a disaster" because he is a failure at fishing.

His unblemished record of humiliating himself in his comments thus remains unbroken, and honest, taxpaying voters will decisively reject his fact-free and dishonest campaign again this November.

Friday, January 12, 2018

The comments section is best than the story.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Having fished with the fake mayor on more than 1 occasion (when we spoke) I can tell you that there are several reasons why he hasnt caught fish at Rocky Point.

1. He doesnt shut the F*&( UP for 1 minute while he fishes and he loses gear like he owns Bass Pro Shops.

2. There has been an overall depletion of many species of fish in the bay, particularly in the upper bay over the years due to a variety of reasons including but not limited to dissolved oxygen content, lack of primary food sources, nitrogen, etc.....

3. Tautog are not very abundant in that part of the bay and have not been for a very long time. They are typically caught in late fall in the lower bay where they are plentiful. Coddington Cove being probably the best spot.

4. He doesnt shut the F*&( UP for 1 minute while he fishes.

5. His knowledge of Narragansett Bay, much like his knowledge of city wide issues, is extremely limited.

and 6. He doesnt shut the F*&( UP for 1 minute while he fishes.

Last year I completely crushed the fluke in and around the Rocky Point area with the largest fish that I took being 27 inches. Just goes to show you with a bit of skill you can always get a meal from the waters off Rocky Point.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Hi Thecaptain:

So you're saying the fake "mayor" talks too much in a patethic attempt to get attention and usually has no idea what he's talking about? That's very useful and incisive information for new readers who he thinks he can mislead. Thanks for continuing to point out his complete unfitness for office.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

I do hope that Mr. Corrente continues to comment in the Beacon- Cap'm Krunch and Ravin' would have to find something productive to do...maybe fishing?

It's amusing that either one of them criticizes his "useless comments" in their useless comments...they're either just plain childishly insulting or just keep regurgitating the same criticisms.

I tend to expect a bit more from adults, I guess.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Well, RIS, you could choose a more productive use of your time than scolding people for exposing the inveterate liar fake "mayor." But we do agree on one point: the fake "mayor" should keep commenting so readers can see him for the pathetic failure that he is.

Monday, January 15, 2018

It would be refreshing if adults didn't need their childish behavior put in perspective ("scolded").

Think of all the useful things you could do with your time; if this an obsession, however, please seek professional help if you can't help yourself.

Some folks would enjoy reading the Beacon a lot more without the constant, redundant hammering of a pair of "badgers".

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Assigning yourself the task of providing "perspective," which seems to mean you want to tell others not to make comments because you don't like reading them, reminds me of the many times the fake "mayor" has complained about the use of screen names on this site.

It's not his site -- or yours -- to judge how others use it. If someone else's use of this site bothers you, then just leave the discussion to others about why a certain person is not a good candidate for mayor because he lies repeatedly. Trying to govern others' behavior without any justification indicates a lot about your own personality.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Please read your last post while looking in a mirror, then ask your therapist what they're welcome, and the readers thank you.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Everything you've said amounts to "NO YOU!" while complaining that others aren't acting like adults. So you've proven yourself a hypocrite on top of scolding others.

Thanks for so readily proving those facts about yourself. Don't bother replying, you'd only keep reinforcing your own faults.

Happy 292 days before we defeat the fake "mayor' again.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Hi RISchadenfreude,

There are a great many people who enjoy reading the Beacon for content. Then there are those that enjoy reading the Beacon for Content AND Comments. I would like to point out that if Richard didn't make it a habit to comment and spread falsehoods on just about every article, maybe there wouldn't be a need to refute his comments daily. For over 700 days Richard has used the comment section as a free campaign site to push his agenda (or lack thereof) and the comment section is very useful for comic relief.

Monday, January 29, 2018