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(Racing rivalry

based on true story)

Ron Howard sure knows how to make good movies. When he can mesmerize people who have no interest in the world of Formula One racing, you know he has a talent for movie-making.

“Rush” tells the incredible story of two rivals, one from Vienna and the other from Great Britain, both with completely opposite lifestyles, personalities, styles and looks, who compete against each other. The two-hour movie centers mostly around the 1976 racing season, although we do get some background and an interesting epilog.

Chris Hemsworth plays James Hunt, the playboy driver with the good looks who charms his many fans and becomes an instant celebrity. Daniel Bruhl plays Niki Lauda, a somber, demanding, unattractive, unlikable driver fighting to hold his number one rating on the tough Formula 1 racing circuit. They just don’t like each other, but underneath the rivalry there is a subtle respect that comes and goes until the powerful end.

Howard lets us inside the world of racing, with its jockeying for sponsorship and its glorification in the press. He takes us behind the scenes as drivers fight for perfection and those extra precious seconds needed to go faster. He lets us feel the danger and the pressure on the drivers, who literally flirt with death at every turn, as they drive their “bombs on wheels.”

A horrible accident changes the dynamics in the quest for victory. Two critical races in the pouring rain also change outcomes. If you remember the story (we didn’t) you know the incredible outcome.

In any case, you will witness a movie with lots of heart, right down to the final scene, and you will walk away feeling for the characters and what happens to them. And you don’t have to be a racing fan.

Rated R, with some sex, profanity and realistic crash scenes. We would still recommend it for mature teens. Compared to “Don Jon,” it’s a G.


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