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(Glorification of porn)

Moviegoers expecting a sweet little romance will get the shock of their lives, as this R rated movie spends half its short time (less than an hour and a half) on Internet porn channels, showing graphic sex scenes.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Jon, a New Jersey hotshot who divides his time between watching porn and picking up girls in bars and taking them to bed. Truth be told, he prefers porn, where he’s in complete control without commitment. Clever idea for exploring the psychological differences between the “real thing” and fantasy, but the writers lose their way by turning “Don Jon” into a prurient sexual circus.

Scarlett Johansson plays the “dime” (that’s a 10) who is shocked when she discovers her new flame watching porn.

Like the characters in “Thanks For Sharing,” Don Jon is a sex addict. He can’t stop watching porn. And the audience has to watch it ad nauseum along with him. This ruins his relationship.

But wait. There’s the older woman in one of his college classes (Julianne Moore) who stalks him and eventually takes him in another direction. They throw in some road rage, an Italian father (Tony Danza) with a foul mouth and a TV remote glued to his hand, and a silent sister who has one priceless line in the movie, giving it our one star.

The movie is sure to be popular among the younger crowd, but will be a real turnoff for those expecting something else. The R rating pushes the envelope with its explicit sexual scenes, profanity, nudity and drug use.


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