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A section of Greenwich Avenue from Apponaug to the Crowne Plaza has been reduced from four to two lanes by the state Department of Transportation as part of its “road diet” program to reduce speeds and enhance safety on four-lane roads that do not sustain heavy levels of traffic. The “dieting” was as easily completed as relining the road to create a middle turning lane and wider shoulders on both sides of the road. (Warwick Beacon photos)


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This is great news and it doesn't cost Warwick taxpayers anything. It's being paid for by the state. Getting the traffic on Greenwich Ave. to slow down a bit is something I have always hoped for. I own the Oliver Hazard Perry House at 1115 Greenwich Ave and have always feared for the safety of anyone entering of exiting Blue Hill Drive. I was never a fan of the circulators but the state got this one right in my opinion.

Happy Summer everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Rick, most Rhode Islanders do pay taxes at the state level, so its wrong to say this doesn't cost "Warwick taxpayers anything". I find it funny the same candidate (Corrente) who (falsely) claims Warwick has 80,000 taxpayers (because he feels everyone directly or indirectly pays taxes one way or another), is the same candidate who now says the state paid for this road project so that means it doesn't cost "Warwick taxpayers anything". Do you see how contradictory both of those statements are? Anything done at the state level COSTS WARWICK TAXPAYERS MONEY.

This has become a familiar habit of Rick Corrente. His desire to pander and comment on every article leads him to make foolish statements without one second of thought behind them. If the state spends $200 million on road projects, even if they borrow the money, who pays the tab? TAXPAYERS. No surprise Mr Corrente doesn't understand how paying taxes works, after all its been awhile since he's had to pay his own. Imagine if instead of inserting his uninformed opinions on every article over the last 3+ years, Rick Corrente actually studied up on the issues plauging our city? He wouldn't still be embarrassing himself continuously as he has done so often over the last 3+ years, with over $40,000. There is no doubt Corrente will continue to embarass himself with more ridiculous statements.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

***Attention Readers***

Rick Correntes comment on his property at 1115 Greenwich Ave is not to be confused with 177 Grand View which of course (as facts have proven) Rick Corrente owed over $13,000 in back taxes on, before those taxes were paid by another party. Rick has never explained the reasoning for this, he has instead attacked me, attacked other commenters or used smoke screen tactics. Voters should press Rick Corrente on why he has failed so often at paying his taxes on time. This is how we hold candidates, especially deadbeat candidates accountable.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

If we hadn't seen so many other examples of the make-believe mayor humiliating himself with his comments, Scal, it might actually be a surprise that he would write such a blatantly misinformed statement as "it doesn't cost Warwick taxpayers anything" for the state to do roadwork.

And you are 100% correct that he is contradicting his own words when it comes to taxes. Apparently, the make-believe mayor now thinks state income taxes, sales taxes, gasoline taxes, cigarette and liquor taxes, and others that are paid within the city's borders -- the ones he falsely thinks 80,000 people are paying -- aren't funding the state DOT.

You also rightly make a point to distinguish between his rental property and his residence, on which other people have paid the property taxes since 2014 -- although I would submit that there is one similarity: He's using other peoples' money [i.e., rent] to pay the taxes on the Greenwich Avenue property.

Like you, I invite honest, taxpaying voters to confront the make-believe mayor on his tax delinquencies and complete lack of understanding about how state taxes work so that they have the clearest reason to justify overwhelmingly rejecting his candidacy on Sept. 12.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Dear Scal1024,

You are lying...again.

As I have explained many times, and you keep pretending to forget, I sued my lender in Federal Court for breaking R.I. law AND I WON! Got that Scal? I WON. My lender was court ordered to pay the taxes that came out in my name AND THEY DID! They also paid the taxes LATE which gave Warwick even MORE tax revenue. If I didn't pay my taxes, I would expect someone like you to make me accountable. But the reality is Scal, and you already know this, ALL TAXES WERE PAID! ALL OF THEM! So stop lying. You anonymous coward.

Fake news. Fake sources. Fake people. Fake names.

Happy Summer everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

I find it convenient that after Rick was embarassed for claiming the state Department of Transportation costs Warwick taxpayers nothing, he lashes out against statements that have already been proven. I've provided links for my information and backed it up with timelines. Where is your proof that your lender broke the law? Where is the Federal court record that shows Rick Corrente won a decision and that the taxes were ordered to be paid by your lender? I can show you where it says you owed over $13,000 in back taxes, why can't you back up your claim with any proof?

You call it "fake news" yet you don't dispute the over $13,000 figure, you acknowledge that the taxes were not only late but that THEY CAME OUT IN YOUR NAME. WHERE IS THE FAKE NEWS? You say fake sources? Is the City Tax Assessors website now a fake source? You're 0 for 2 on your claims. Fake people? As I, Crickee, Captain, Kammy and MANY OTHERS have proven is that we are all real people and unfortunately for you Rick WE ARE ALL VOTERS. That makes you 0 for 3. Fake names? You don't know my name Rick. How could you know whether or not my name on here is "fake"? I'd say that makes you 0 for 4. Honestly, do you ever get tired of being wrong?

Readers can use:

Click on Real Estate

Enter 177 Grand View

It should list the tax history of the property as well as 2014-2015 tax delinquency.

Voters will see the back taxes racked up in print, proving Rick Corrente is a liar and a tax delinquent. They will also see the listed owner of 177 Grand View as changing 4 times since 2013. All a political game for Rick Corrente to hide his FAILED OBLIGATIONS AS A TAXPAYER.

The only coward is you Rick, the person who pretends to be some advocate of the people (people who actually work hard and pay their own taxes) when the reality is you've been nothing more than a lying, tax delinquent. You are the real coward! Also Rick, did your auto dealer break the law? You have a history of delinquent car taxes that I will be posting following this article, so why is it you never paid those on time?

Car tax data to follow...

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

"I've always paid my bills on time" - Rick Corrente

Rick Corrente Car Taxes:

2009 Car Taxes

Due: 7/15/09 Paid: 7/23/09

Due: 10/15/09 Paid: 11/10/09

Due: 1/15/10 Paid: 2/17/10

Due: 4/15/10 Paid: 8/11/10

Rick here is 0 for 4 with being "on time"

2010 Car Taxes:

Due: 7/15/10 NOT PAID

Due: 10/15/10 NOT PAID

Due: 1/5/11. NOT PAID

Due: 4/15/11 NOT PAID

This is now 0 for 8 from Rick Corrente

2011 Car Taxes:

Due: 7/15/11 NOT PAID

Due: 10/15/11 NOT PAID

Due: 1/15/12 NOT PAID

Due: 4/15/12

It isn't until 1/25/12 all of these "NOT PAIDs" are paid. Rick pays when he was no longer able to register a car.

2012 Car Taxes:

Due: 7/15/12. NOT PAID

Due: 10/15/12. NOT PAID

Due: 1/15/13. NOT PAID

Due: 4/15/13. Paid 3/13/13

Finally paid in full on 3/13/13

Once again, the facts just do not show a person who "always pays (their) bills on time".

In 2013 there is no data for Rick Correntes car taxes. In fact there is no car tax data from 2013-2015 because after this long history of late and missed payments, where he would no longer be able to register his car Rick Correntes car disappeared from the tax rolls. He has never been able to tell voters why his car disappeared from the tax rolls for 3 years, effectively skipping out on tax payments. How can a candidate claim they always pay their bills on time when the data shows a much different story? This is put it nicely.

What I wonder is who will Rick Corrente blame his delinquent car taxes on? His auto lender? Someone else "acting unfairly"? Clearly the evidence proves consistent tax delinquency.

So excuse me if I don't rush to believe Rick Correntes "my lender broke the law" nonsense. Like everything else in his erratic, unraveling, failing campaign he is big on words, but very short on facts. When Rick throws around words like coward it is his own insecurity from his history of litigation losses, tax delinquency and failure. No amount of attacks on me will change that.

**One Final Note**

Litigation losses, here is JUST ONE EXAMPLE:

Small claims judgement in favor of plaintiff Nicole Gagnon in favor of $1578.75

Defendant (Corrente) ordered to pay, argues that he can only make monthly payments. Makes 4 $25.00 payments (yes $25), defaults, is taken back to court and ordered to pay restitution.

(There is enough of a pattern here. It can't be everyone else's fault.)

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Scal, thank you again for providing the factual and easily verifiable information about the make-believe mayor's many tax delinquencies.

He continues to think that voters are stupid and can't see that, when they visit the city tax payment website and see who actually paid the taxes on his residence since 2014, none of the entries are the name of his mortgage lender -- two entries list Clayton Shackleton, from whom the make-believe mayor is renting an office, two others list Red Stick Acquisitions of Louisiana, and the latest one lists Dr. William Masopust of 187 Grand View Drive, who also created an LLC to pay the sewer and water fees on that property.

So, his statement "My lender was court ordered to pay the taxes that came out in my name AND THEY DID" is completely false. The city's records show nothing of the kind.

And his statement that "you're lying" is, likewise, 100 percent false.

He has never explained why Mr. Shackleton, Red Stick, and Dr. Masopust are listed as paying the taxes on his residence. He has never provided any factual information to support his claim that his mortgage lender paid those taxes. And, except for attacking commenters for using screen names -- on a website that he neither owns nor manages -- he has never provided any response to the legitimate and logical conclusion that he is completely unfit for office.

In fact, the more he posts his angry and false statements, the more he proves what we and thousands of honest, taxpaying voters already know: He will never be elected mayor.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018