SANDWICH JUNCTION: No gimmicks, just the real thing . . . every day


It is 1:00 on a typical weekday afternoon, and the usual stream of customers has lined up at the counter of Warwick’s popular sandwich joint, Sandwich Junction, to place their orders. Newcomers and regulars alike have come for one of Sandwich Junction’s classic sandwiches or hot-off-the-grill burgers, each made to order with just the right touch of “homemade”.

As the customers come and go at Sandwich Junction, there is one constant figure among them. He can be found sitting in his designated booth in the corner (woe to the one who unwittingly takes it before him), grazing on one of his two favorite options –the “Freight Car” or the seafood salad. His name is Don Higgins, and he is as familiar a sight at the Sandwich Junction as the trains that whiz by here every day. Don has been coming here since this cozy eatery was opened by the Longiaru family in the 1970’s, and at 76 years old, he has no plans to change what has now become a daily routine. Why would he? There are so many delicious items on the menu that he has yet to try!

While Don is a fan of the “Freight Car”, a savory sandwich of salami, ham, pepperoni, and provolone stuffed in a crusty roll, he has been known to venture into more daring territory. There are the ever-popular hot sandwiches such as the “Cannonball Express” – a steaming hot meatball sandwich with melted provolone, or the “Frit Junction”, an Italian Omelette with salami, ham, pepperoni, onion and peppers – to name just two. There are more cold sandwiches to choose from such as the classic “American Flyer” – a turkey and American cheese sandwich, or the Italian Connection ~ cappicola, salami and provolone, both served on a fresh torpedo roll.

Don’t forget the daily specials, or the soothing soups, or the 6 oz. Angus burgers that sizzle on the grill. With the weather feeling more autumn-like, what is more satisfying than a bowl of homemade chicken & rice soup? The homemade chili is a close second – perfect for those brisk fall days.. There are options from the fryer as well – French fries, and chicken cutlets, and Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings. Everything here is made just the way you want it, with farm-fresh ingredients. The chicken, tuna or pasta salads are made daily and are perfect for any season, whether served over a bed of lettuce, or in a golden-baked roll. No wonder Don keeps coming back day after day – there is always something here to fulfill his craving for home-style cooking, no matter the season.

Sandwich Junction is located at 86 Kilvert Street, just two blocks north of the airport. Hours are Monday through Friday 10 am to 4 pm. Cash only please. To place an advance order, call 738-0559.


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