Sandwich Junction The place where homemade food and hospitality intersect


“Junction": a place where two or more structures such as roads or railroads meet. "Sandwich Junction": a place where hungry diners meet (and queue up) to indulge their appetites on the best selection of classic American sandwiches in town. Sandwich Junction, a family-run restaurant in Warwick, is the kind of place that hearkens back to the days of the steam engine and a time when the quality of food mattered more than how fast it could be prepared. It is the kind of place where every order is made from the freshest ingredients and where nothing is processed and prepped for an assembly line.

As loyal customer Bill (affectionately known here as "Coffee Man") says of the food at Sandwich Junction: "It's fresh NOW. The quality of food here is just consistent and delicious. If you like a particular sandwich, that is what you are going to get every time ~ and, you can watch it being made right in front of you." Bill, like so many other regulars here, knows that there is something special about this unexpected "junction". Not only is the quality of food consistent, but so is the dependable feeling of familiarity and hospitality here. Kathy Ruginski and her family have owned and operated this business for over 34 years. It is not uncommon to see three generations of Ruginski's and Longiaru's behind the counter, to say nothing of the faithful and friendly "extended" family members who serve customers here every day. Sandwich Junction often feels like one big family, sharing in the kind of home style cooking you'd only expect from your own kitchen.

The railroad "junction" theme is echoed throughout every sandwich prepared here. One of "Coffee Man" Bill's favorites is the "Train Wreck", a classic meatball and sausage combo (meatballs made right here!), but there is also a long list of other hot and cold sandwiches to chose from. Each sandwich and/or wrap is loaded with fresh meats (including imported hams, salami, prosciutto, roasted turkey & chicken), cheeses, lettuce, tomatoes and seasoned sauces.

There are always daily specials available, such as the Boar's Head Deli Style Chipotle Chicken Breast and Bacon sandwich and the "Cajun Turkey" with pepperjack cheese & horseradish sauce. The salads are also made with the freshest, straight-off-the farm ingredients (nothing pre-washed and bagged here!). You will find tuna, macaroni, seafood and chicken salads, all made right on the premises, to add to your tailgate party menu this fall. Watch for their homemade, soul-satisfying soups and chili options as the weather cools.

Come to Sandwich Junction, located off Post Road at 86 Kilvert Street, just two blocks north of the airport. Hours are Monday through Friday 10 am to 4 pm. Cash only please. To order a party platter or for take-out, call 738-0559.


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