Santa Obama won and GOP grinches left to grumble


Many years ago my father told me, "Be gracious in victory. You can't fault another for trying." With that in mind, I congratulate my Republican friends for their Herculean efforts to win the Presidency. A less determined party might have accepted defeat in 2008 and worked with Democrats for the benefit of the nation but you, patriotic Americans that you are, had another plan.

You stated it plainly from Inauguration Day on; your unwavering goal was to cause President Obama to fail, and nothing spelled failure like a weak economy.

To that end, you conducted an unprecedented number of filibusters, blocked a needed jobs bill and can proudly point to the downgrading of the nation's credit. And when President Obama called you out on your obstructionism, you simply claimed he was “blaming others” and “failing to accept responsibility.”

More congratulations are in order.

Who would have believed it possible to convince millions that a health-care reform bill, by any President, Republican or Democrat was actually “pulling the plug on grandma” and creating “death panels” just like Hitler and Stalin? You can proudly say you managed to accomplish just that, creating fear and division while so doing!

When President Obama managed to kill Osama bin Laden you just knew something had to be amiss. Perhaps he took a bit too much credit for it, or he undermined the intelligence gathered in the raid. Not to worry, you quickly assured us Obama was just following the policies of George W. Bush. Obama really had nothing much to do with it, unless, of course, it had failed. No credit to Obama because he “sympathizes with terrorists” and “apologizes” for America.

You've said it well. Ann Coulter called Obama a “retard,” Sarah Palin said he was doing “a shuck and jive” while John Sununu claimed he was “lazy” and Colin Powell's endorsement was racially motivated. Donald Trump stoked the “birther” controversy while Paul Ryan predicted the end of Judeo-Christian values if Obama was re-elected, and Rush was his usual self. And all of you agreed. . . President Obama is divisive! But, you? No, you're not racist or divisive...just good Americans.

When the polls signaled trouble, you didn't simply lie down and quit. Hell, No! You spread more wild tales about welfare recipients receiving checks without working, automobile companies shipping jobs to China and senior's Medicare benefits being robbed by the very party that created Medicare, all thanks to Mr. Obama, as you prefer to call him.

You assure us you were just so filled with hope when Obama took office, but now, you lament; he has proven such a sad disappointment. I can practically feel your pain!

In his place, you offered a candidate who would “bring us together,” because he was on all sides of every issue and when this didn't work you showed your determination and dedication to American values by trying to suppress the vote.

You lost and now you say the reason is President Obama is like Santa Claus trying to "give things" to voters. I am glad you finally realize that!

President Obama is trying to “give things” to voters... things like equal pay for women, an opportunity for an education to our young people, a chance for hard-working immigrants to become citizens, a chance for the US automotive industry to survive, a tax code that isn't rigged for the richest few and a health care system that works for citizens, not insurance companies.

The voters spoke. Santa won and the Grinches are left grumbling, growling and wondering why.

A Johnston resident and Vietnam Era vet, Charles Lawrence is a regular contributor to this paper.


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