Secular reasons for home schooling


To the Editor:

Thank you for publishing the article about the Enrich Home School Art Show at the Warwick Library. I would like to emphasize that Enrich Rhode Island is strong secular presence in the Rhode Island home school community that is much needed for the many families in Rhode Island that do not home school for religious reasons. Secular reasons for home schooling are varied and include the strength of individualized attention to build on each child’s strengths, as well as ensuring that respect for others is intrinsic to the learning process. Some secular home schooling families do adhere to a religion or are spiritual people, but many do not choose to make those personal choices part of their decision to home school. Your article is wonderful and flattering. However, I don’t want to leave your readership with the impression that the majority home school for religious reasons, or even health reasons. A portion do, but the secular home educating community is ever growing. We see the world as our classroom and the various approaches to any subject as our buffet of information.
Just for the record, home schooling was not necessarily illegal in Rhode Island before 1987. Just because a law is not “on the books,” does not make the action illegal. However, along with the law came some structure to which all Rhode Island home schoolers must adhere and thereby are protected in making this decision for their families.
We appreciate the Warwick Library for allowing us this exhibit space and our Enrich Rhode Island leadership for organizing the event and hanging the art! Thanks for the positive words, Will Clark! My children thoroughly enjoyed being included in this show. The Enrich community can be found at

Susan Leahy
North Kingston


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