Sen. Tassoni's ulterior motive?


To the Editor:

Attention all citizens: In an op-ed piece in the Warwick Beacon (3/29/12) entitled, “Forget attacks - bill to give councils control over financial matters makes sense,” the Democratic Senator John J. Tassoni Jr. from Smithfield, one of Rhode Island’s most illustrious union activists, expounds a compassionate idea. Give the city and town councils total control of school department budgets, namely, because we are not intelligent, capable or talented enough to handle the responsibilities involved. Could there be an ulterior motive as to why this high union official would propose such legislation? Perish the thought. Of course there is a reason, in my opinion.

Finally, after a number of years, the majority of Rhode Island school committees are now determined to take back financial control of their school departments, while working with the other elected officials, all for the benefit of our deserving students, teachers, administrators and parents. They are and always will be our main concern. By the way, we have an excellent executive director of the Rhode Island Association of School Committees, Timothy C. Duffy.

Senator Tassoni Jr. and the majority of his friends in the General Assembly have, for the past 70 years, placed our beautiful state on or near the bottom of every possible economic and statistical category nationwide; except corruption. He reminds me of a rowboat captain, surrounded by drowning taxpayers and offering them a glass of water. He and most other members have driven Rhode Island into near bankruptcy with debt totaling billions of dollars that will require our overburdened and abused taxpayers to pay for this fiscal insanity. As a result, these “brilliant financial and caring experts” are mortgaging our children’s and grandchildren’s futures upon their graduation from high school. How can anyone treat these beautiful young men and women with such disdain? It is an absolute disgrace.

I have my own idea, Senator Tassoni Jr.: Allow all of the elected school committee members in our state to replace you and your friends for just one year. I can almost guarantee you that we would turn your amazing and laughable statement, “that the reason for my bill is to make Rhode Island government more efficient and accountable,” into a reality and, perhaps, save everyone from the pending financial disaster in Rhode Island.

Meanwhile, the Independent Man on top of the magnificent State House, looking down at what is taking place in the building below, weeps.

Eugene A. Nadeau
District 1 School Committee member


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