Senator Reed’s brave new world


To the Editor:
Many years ago, the Nixon Administration was fond of stating, “Watch what we say, not what we do.” From my perspective, it seems that RI’s Senior Senator is taking the same tack.
Senator Reed recently held a constituent meeting in a room at the RI United States District Court building near Kennedy Plaza, and the security was nothing short of ridiculous with maybe two dozen officers from at least three different law enforcement agencies.
Inside, nine security officers slowly processed every person through the metal detectors, confiscating cell phones from everyone but the press. For whatever reason, the press was allowed to keep their phones, as long as they didn’t use them. No pictures, no video, no tweets, no recordings of any kind were allowed. One has to wonder what makes the press entitled to greater rights than average citizens, but that is another issue. The logic allegedly being that cell phones could be “bombs” in disguise, which is why they were taking them. Funny that the TSA doesn’t see it that way, Senator.
Posted near the entrance was a sign that notified the public: NO FOOD, DRINK POLITICAL PINS or PLACARDS ALLOWED IN COURTHOUSE
I guess Senator Reed thinks political pins and placards are bombs, too? LOL
But what I find particularly egregious is the fact that a photo ID was required to enter. Isn’t Senator Reed’s party against photo IDs being required to vote because of alleged “voter suppression”? But I guess he is in favor of photo ID requirements in order to attend his “constituent meeting.” Wow, isn’t that a double standard, Senator?
According to the Projo, one attendee stated “I have never been more frightened in my life,’’ a man who identified himself as Joe Clifford, prompting several shouts of “me neither.”
“I am more frightened of my own government than I am of the Russians,’’ but “I want to address how we got here,’’ said Clifford blaming the “horrible leadership’’ of both the state and national Democratic party backing a flawed Hillary Clinton over a potentially “winning candidate.’’ Gee, wasn’t the Senator one of Mrs. Clinton’s “Super delegates” from Rhode Island? You know the ones who gave our Convention Delegates to Hillary Clinton vice the candidate who actually won the popular vote in the RI Democrat Primary?
I have to agree with Mr. Clifford as I am very frightened of a Congressional Delegation, led by Mr. Reed, which seems hell bent on obstructing our National Government that is working on behalf of the American people.
Welcome to Mr. Reed’s Brave New World. Photo IDs required. No cell phones allowed. Tight Security! What is he afraid of, questions from his constituents?
Yet he does seem to be an advocate for psychological manipulation, and classical conditioning given his statements and actions over the past eight years. Actions that, in my opinion, combine profoundly to change our society. Why? This is the United States, a Nation of Laws Not of Men, despite what our Congressional delegation seems to think.
Yet Mr. Reed remains absolutely silent regarding the specifics of the Iranian Nuclear Deal. Two years on and the American public still does not know the specifics! What is being hidden from us? And then there is the matter of $150 billion in hard currency that President Obama turned over to the Islamic Republic of Iran. Does Mr. Reed recall that just two weeks ago hundreds of thousands of demonstrators were shouting “Death to America” in the streets of Tehran. (UK Independent 10 Feb 2017) I can’t seem to recall that occurring in the streets of Moscow.
If the Iranians ever do kill innocent people with the funds that President Obama provided to them, I would hope that you would have the common decency to resign the next day.
Senator Reed, how about working on behalf of all Americans instead of adhering to hardcore partisan politics and blindly following Senator Schumer’s lead? Remember your oath to support and defend the Constitution? What happened?

A.G. Palazzo,
Commander, USN (Ret)
West Warwick


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Right On, I have skipped the town hall meetings because I fear if I speak I will get mobbed. I piece of writing.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

I agree with all of this. The fascist few now rule our world and say "no id's needed for those who will vote for us" like illegals but we are scared of our constituents because they have the possibility of questioning us and that's a no no.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018