Sit, stay, socialize


Warwick boasts many unique things: fantastic access to waterways, T.F. Green Airport and the Interlink. What people may not know is that our city also boasts another major attraction: a doggie park.

Nestled in City Park, Warwick’s doggie park is a designated area for canines to play, socialize and spend some time off their leashes. It’s a way for dogs to become friendlier, be more active and have more fun.

But the park isn’t just great for the dogs; it’s good for the humans, too.

People begin arriving at around 6 a.m. and the crowds stay all day. Dog owners set up lawn chairs and chat while the puppies play and dig in the dirt. It’s stress-free for them, and they know their dogs are safe.

The park is a handy location to ensure dogs get their fill of physical activity without getting loose, which keeps them and their owners happy.

And it’s not a dog-eat-dog world in the park. By socializing with other canines, the dogs become better pets: they’re friendlier, learn to play and become less aggressive.

On Sunday, the Little Rhodie Bully Breed Club held an event at City Park to demonstrate how well socialized pit bulls could behave among other dogs and handlers. With the proper training and exposure, all dogs can be friendly animals. The Bully Breed Club did a nice job of demonstrating that, even with dogs that are often negatively stereotyped.

Sure the park isn’t as alluring as a major tourist destination, although it has a great walking trail and beach. It’s something Warwick should be proud of.

Despite its imperfections – all the bone burying and rolling over turned the piece of park into a dust bowl – it’s still a happening spot. And improvements should be on the way. The city could look into adding a sprinkler system to keep the dust to a minimum and further beautify the location.

On the upside, there’s a separate area for smaller dogs and puppies so larger dogs don’t monopolize the playing space. It’s accommodating for all shapes, sizes, breeds and personalities.

In the warm months, the doggie park is a perfect place to make new friends … of both the canine and human varieties.

The dog days of summer are nearly over (Aug. 11 is the typical conclusion of the balmy period), but that doesn’t mean the dogs still can’t have their days in City Park.


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