This is not your ordinary 'snack bar' Meadowbrook Bowling Lanes


It is the most unexpected of delights - a real restaurant with delicious homemade food in, of all places . . . a bowling alley! Long a popular destination for recreational bowlers, birthday parties and rainy day fun, Meadowbrook Bowling Lanes now has another reason to venture in, and it is called "Skippy's". Skippy's is not your ordinary "freezer to fryer" snack bar; this is the creation of lifelong lover of home-cooking, Mark Hinsley and it has elevated the definition of "fast food" to a whole new level! This "snack bar" is a throwback to a time when all food was homemade and packed with goodness - but now has a modern flair.

Come in to Skippy's and indulge in a slice of pizza, made with Mark's own homemade tomato sauce (this is no sauce out of a can)! He even stretches the dough himself - no pie shells here either. Why not jazz up your classic cheese pizza with one of these many toppings: pepperoni, meatballs, sausages, mushrooms, peppers, onions or tomatoes? Lest you think this is typical warehouse fare, check again. Mark uses only fresh vegetables that are hand sliced every day to keep their brightness and flavor. Absolutely delicious.

When it comes to the grill, try one of Skippy's popular NY Style Hot Wieners. As Mark says: "Its all in the special combination of spices,” again, his own creation. Satisfied customers say these wieners top Olneyville's wieners - but you can be the judge. Sink your teeth into a succulent hamburger, cheeseburger or even a bacon cheeseburger - hot off the grill. Or how about your classic grilled cheese? Skippy's aims to please.

Mark Hinsley spares no expense when it comes to his subs either. Using crusty bread delivered fresh every day from Crugnale's Bakery in Providence, Skippy's subs exceed those of your typical sandwich joint. Try the Steak Bomb Pounder, a 12", one pound of juicy steak loaded with Italian ham, salami, capicola, provolone, American cheese, peppers and mushrooms. How about a chicken parmesan or meatball sub (Mark makes his own meatballs and sausages too!)

For onion ring, cheese stick and chicken lovers everywhere, the best is yet to come. Mark hand-dips the super-sized onion rings, hand-batters the cheese sticks, hand-breads the tenders, and then fries them to perfection. One word. Yummy.

If you are tired of the ho-hum food in all the pizza and sandwich joints around, why not bowl on by Meadowbrook Lanes and visit Skippy's today. Bring your friends for a year-end field trip or a birthday party or a summer camp kick-off. You will not be disappointed.

Skippy's, open since February, is located at 2530 Warwick Ave in the Meadowbrook Bowling Lanes. Hours are 11:00am to 9:00pm, Monday to Sunday. For take-out or delivery, call 935-7030.


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