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(Bond is back with a vengeance)

We have seen every 007 film since "Dr. No" hit the theatres 50 years ago. The debate over which was the best and who was the best James Bond will go on forever. All we can say is "Skyfall" measures up to the best of Bond.

The movie opens with the patented exciting chase scene and keeps up the fast pace until the closing showdown, pitting good against evil. In between, we have lots of action, gimmicks, villains, love interests and all the things you expect from the invincible British spy. Daniel Craig has proven that he is one tough spy, even if he is getting on in years.

Judi Dench gets more screen time as M, Bond's mentor who, we learn, puts the mission before the missionaries of justice. She goes so far as to give an order that could cause her favorite spy his life, right down to writing his obituary.

Every Bond movie has a super villain, and Javier Bardem fits the mold. He is one evil, sadistic, creepy bad guy.

And then there are the Bond girls. Berenice Mariohe plays the seductive, mysterious woman who carries around information that Bond needs. We liked Naomie Harris as Bond's assistant.

Let's not forget Q, the guy who provides Bond with the latest gadgets, bringing Bond into the 21st century and the latest computerized arsenal.

In fact, the story revolves around a computer hard drive that takes Bond from Macao to Shanghai and other exotic places, including a bombed out island and his old homestead, Skyfall.

The movie is nearly two and a half hours long and is filled with clever language, familiar background music and a great opening song by Adele. If you are a Bond fan, you should not be disappointed as the aging spy retains many of his old habits, while adjusting to the modern world of espionage.

Rated PG-13, with violence. How great it is to watch an action movie with no profanity.


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