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(Action movie with a heart)

Dwayne Johnson has developed into a good actor over the years, proving that he can be that tough action hero and still show emotion and intellect.

He stars as John Matthews, owner of a large trucking firm who bargains with an ambitious prosecuting attorney (Susan Sarandon) for the release of his framed son. Matthews engages one of his workers, an ex-con (Jon Bernthal), trying to go straight and raise his own family to introduce him to members of a drug cartel dealing with a kingpin Mexican drug lord.

Matthews puts his life and his employee's life in danger as he works his way inside the mob, leading to the shipment of money across the U.S.-Mexican border.

There is plenty of action and suspense, but, unlike other movies of this genre, it doesn't go on forever and ever.

Matthews is divorced from his first wife and distance has grown between him and his son. But the caring for both is still there. There are tense moments, when he must make some major decisions that put everyone's lives in danger.
The prosecuting attorney is influenced by her determination to seek higher office, further putting pressure on Matthews, while his son waits in prison for doing one stupid thing: accepting a package containing drugs for a friend of his.

A good performance is given by Barry Pepper as the DEA agent who has Matthews' back, and by Melina Kanakaredes as Matthews' ex-wife.
The movie dramatically, without preaching, explains the stiff penalties for engaging in any type of drug distribution and is "inspired by" a true story. "Snitch" is a better than average action movie that will make you think and empathize with the characters.

Rated PG-13, with violence. If you want to teach your kids the dangers in getting involved with drugs, take them to this movie.


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