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Snow White & The Huntsman


(Grim(m) Fairy Tale)

This Grimm fairy tale is very grim, unlike the recent tongue-in-cheek Mirror, Mirror, which wasn’t much better.

If you take a close look at the fairy tales we read to our children, there was a lot of violence and darkness in them. This version emphasizes the macabre to the nth degree.

All the elements are there: the poison apple, the mirror on the wall, the kiss, and the purity of Snow White as opposed to the blackness of the evil queen. It is just depicted in a violent and eerie way.

You know the story: The evil queen (Charlize Theron) murders Snow White’s father and seizes the throne, imprisoning Snow White (Kristen Stewart of the “Twilight” series) in the castle dungeon. She escapes and enters the Dark Forest, where the authors embellish the story a bit, adding a rough and gruff huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) to the chase.

The huntsman is hired by the evil queen’s equally evil brother to catch Snow White and tear her heart out, but he switches his loyalty to the beautiful young heiress to the throne, protecting her agains other pursuers and all of the odd creatures of the forest.

We can’t leave out the Seven Dwarves. Unlike the likeable ones in Mirror, Mirror, these guys are tough, ugly little creatures. Snow White wins them over, too, and they run from the bad guys into the Fairy Forest, where they are joined by Snow White’s childhood friend, who thought she was dead. Of course, he is now a handsome young man, and handy with a sword.

There a lots of chases through the woods, swordfights and villagers being pillaged and killed. All this goes on for over two hours, leading to the final battle between the villagers and the Queen’s men. There is one very interesting twist at the end.

If you like this sort of thing, you can enjoy the scenery and special effects. The story is still old-hat.

Rated PG-13, but close to an R with its violence and gruesomeness. Leave the kids home.


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