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Its starts out as an uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach, and then builds until you feel like you have a vise grip around your throat. Maybe you break into hives, or your palms just begin to sweat and your tongue feels tied in knots. You'd think you were about to jump out of a plane, but in truth, it's just your typical reaction to being asked to give a presentation at work, or a simple toast at your brother's wedding! Alyson Arnold of Speak Easy Training, LLC is familiar with this kind of panic as she has been coaching others through the anxiety of public speaking her whole career. She assures her clients that this fear is not a necessary part of life - and it is her express goal to help them overcome the often paralyzing self-consciousness that accompanies public speaking

Alyson Arnold has been speaking in public forums for most of her adult life. As a university instructor, and corporate trainer and coach, she has used her experiences to teach her students how to effectively speak in front of others for years. In addition to her experience in the many venues of public speaking, Arnold is a serious student of Zen philosophies and uses these calming and centering practices in her work.

Whether you feel your career potential is being thwarted by your own fears of public speaking, or just the prospect of giving a toast at a family gathering or speaking up at a PTA meeting makes your heart race, or if you simply want to improve and enhance your own public speaking skills, then the services of Speak Easy will surely benefit you.

Speak Easy Training, the brainchild of Alyson Arnold, provides indepth, flexible and affordable training for any type of public speaking engagement. Through a series of programs customized to her students' individual needs, Arnold provides workshops, private coaching sessions, and "fireside chats" which allow speakers to practice their skills in a safe and confidence-building environment.

Located in a bright and sunlit space just over the Warwick/Cranston line, Speak Easy is the perfect place to access this remarkable opportunity to overcome what is often a lifelong fear or to polish up your skills to advance in your career, or in your life! Arnold assures her students that: "Once you learn to Speak Easy, you will not only conquer your fear of public speaking, you will actually look forward to your next presentation." Take her up on that promise by calling 401-286-5486 today.

For more information about Speak Easy, including fees and details about the various programs available, you can also visit their website at www.speakeasytraining.com. Don't let your public speaking woes hold you back another day.


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