Spiritual survival kit


To the Editor:

This survival kit is what is needed to heal the ills of today’s society. A “must read” list!

1. Toothpick – To remind you to “pick out” good qualities in others.

2. Rubber-band – To remind you to be “flexible.” Things might not always go the way you want, but will work out with patience and prayer.

3. Band-Aids – To remind you to “cover” your wounds by forgiving yourself and others today.

4. Pencil – To remind you to “list” your blessings every day.

5. Eraser – To remind you that everyone makes “mistakes” and it’s OK.

6. Mint – To remind you that you’re worth a “mint” to your Heavenly Father, God.

7. Candy Kiss – To remind you everyone needs a “kiss and a hug” each day. XOXO.

8. Chewing Gum – To remind you to “stick” with it and you can accomplish anything you want.

Richard Walsh

East Greenwich


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