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Step Up Revolution


(Great dancing/trite story)

@T_Basic:Love of great dancing is enough to make you see this movie, even tough you have to sit through the trite story.

From the opening dance number on the streets of Miami to the closing flash dance at a container port, the Step Up cast is truly a revolutionary dance ensemble.

You'll have to sit through a story you've seen one too many times about the poor little rich girl (Kathryn McCormick) who wants to be a dancer over daddy's objections. She meets the poor guy from the wrong side of the tracks (Ryan Guzman), joins The Mob, a group of local street dancers, falls in love and tries to convince Daddy (Peter Gallagher) to cancel his plans to tear down the neighborhood and build his hotel.

The dancing is over the top, ranging from perfectly choreographed group numbers to individual and duet sets.

Posters in the lobby warn you that there is one dance routine that may be too disturbing after the recent shootings in Colorado. It involves attack weapons and gas masks in a dance routine.

It all comes down to the developer's decision to destroy the neighborhood for the sake of "progress,” leading up to a corny ending.

There is also the questions of where these economically deprived young people get the money for their elaborate costumes, props and electronic equipment and how they put together these elaborate dance routines overnight. But hey, this is the movies, and the positive escapism makes for feel good moments and spectacular dancing, so just go with the flow.

Rated PG-13, with some violence and some pretty sensual dancing.


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