Students offer a lesson


To the Editor:

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of judging the senior project at Pilgrim High School. Like in past years, I found it to be both informative and inspiring.

The seniors that present their project are always articulate and well versed as to why their topic was chosen. It has run the gamut from biologist, nurse, fireman, baker, scuba driver to social worker. Thanks to the guidance of Ms. Sue Cranston, Project Coordinator at Pilgrim, the students have spent countless hours preparing for this day and they never disappoint. I want to thank them for broadening my horizons by virtue of their presentations. Their enthusiasm is palpable.

Like many Warwick residents I have read recently comments by one school committee member and some city councilors who take pleasure in demeaning the Warwick School System. Thank goodness the Senior Class in Warwick public schools hasn’t been listening. They have embraced school consolidation and moved on. This is one time maybe the grown-ups could learn from the young adults. The seniors talk about the great teacher role models they have worked with like Ms. Denise Bilodeau and Bill McCaffrey at the Career and Tech Center. Whether the seniors want college prep courses or learn a trade, it’s heartening that Warwick high schools offer such great choices.

To the senior high school class of Warwick Public Schools keep up the good work. Your senior projects are well worth the effort. They demonstrate to people like me the fine education you are receiving in Warwick.

Roger Durand



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