Such naiveté to depend on spell check


To the Editor:

I just had a little tussle with my ego, and ego won.

The Big E, normally a manageable part of me, is ruffled by the fact that the Beacon’s spell-checker changed two correctly spelled words in my husband’s 2/16 letter to the editor, making both of us look like…uh…mentally challenged individuals. Naiveté, spelled correctly by us (I check his work), complete with accent agiu, was rendered “nativity,” and it’s, meaning “it is,” appeared as possessive pronoun its.

Ordinarily, I’d let it pass – the Beacon is especially accommodating to us, and Publisher Howell is the epitome of Jimmy Stewart goodness and light – but somehow, this particular “Nativity scene,” absent Baby Jesus, weighs heavily on me. (Thanks for the catharsis!)

Jo-Ann Langseth


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