Summer heat is coming - don't take chances with your vehicle McCrudden's Radiator Repair


When you have been at a location for as long as McCrudden's Radiator Repair has been on West Shore Road, people sometimes stop noticing you because you've become "part of the landscape." It is, however, that same familiarity and steadfastness that you come to depend on when you need a service that you can trust, such as the repair of your vehicle. Kevin McCrudden has carried on the 50 year legacy of McCrudden's Radiator Repair and turned his familiar business into something that has survived with a reputation for excellence and that certain time-tested trustworthiness. In this competitive market, that reputation really counts for something. When choosing a car maintenance and repair shop, don't pass by this local neighborhood site - stop in and let Kevin put your vehicle in its best driving shape for the hot summer months to come.

McCrudden's ensures the overall health and dependability of your vehicle. As summer approaches, prevent problems before they happen by employing McCrudden's technicians to check your car's belts, hoses, and the anti-freeze in your cooling system. A properly operating radiator is critical to the smooth, dependable and safe operation of your vehicle. Don't take chances this summer. McCruddens will look for leaks, rust or corrosion in order to repair any damage to your radiator before it becomes more extensive. If you are planning a summer road trip, come in and get your air conditioning system checked out before you hit the highway.

McCrudden's Radiator Repair does so much more than repair radiators, its name implies. In addition to this work, McCrudden's also does repair and maintenance work on:

• Air conditioners

• Brakes

• Exhaust systems

• C.V. Axles

• Struts

• Tune-ups

• Power-steering

If the time is coming for your vehicle to go through the rigorous Rhode Island state inspection standards, consider having McCrudden's perform a pre-inspection check. This can save you time and trouble by ensuring that your car is ready to pass testing standards before your trip to the inspection station.

If you own a boat, McCrudden's Radiator Repair also performs general maintenance and repair services such as checking exhaust systems, fixing leaking gas tanks and fuel pumps, and repairing the heat exchange on your watercraft.

You can call McCrudden's for an appointment today to make sure that your vehicle is operating at its peak performance this season. Call them at 738-2550, or go to 835 West Shore Road in the Conimicut section of Warwick. Hours are 9 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Friday, and 8 am to noon on Saturday.


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