Super bowl comes to Warwick


There’s a toilet that plays music, lights up, flushes automatically, has a heated seat and puts the lid up and down on its own.

In fact, the Kohler K-3900 NUMI Comfort Height Advanced Toilet and Bidet is the most expensive production toilet in the world at $6,500 and is available at Rhode Island Kitchen and Bath, (RIKB).

“It’s fun and becomes a conversation piece, whether it’s in the showroom or your own home,” says RIKB Director of Design, Prudence Stoddard. “It’s the kind of thing that guests want to see when people have it in their home.”

The technological toilet comes equipped with motion sensors to lift and lower the seat and lid, plus built-in speakers that pick up FM radio signals, an auxiliary audio input to hook up MP3 players and iPods, even pre-programmed tunes.

But, not only does it provide comfort and entertainment, it is also convenient and easy to use for people with disabilities.

“It’s great for people who have limited use of their hands or even limited use of their legs,” she said. “Some of these functions that they may have needed assistance with before they can take care of themselves now.”

The NUMI is also more sanitary because users don’t need to handle the toilet to operate it. Rather, it comes with a touch-screen remote control that looks similar to a smart phone.

Further, it’s eco-friendly, as it has dual flush options and is certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Through weight measurement, it senses if it needs a full flush, which uses 1.28 gallons of water, or an eco-flush, at 0.6 gallons.

According to Stoddard, most standard toilets flush using 1.6 gallons and cost between $200 and $400. Yet, those don’t flush on their own, as the NUMI automatically flushes 45 seconds after use.

The base is made of vitreous china and the seat and lid are constructed from propylene plastic. It stands 16.5-inches from the ground with the seat down and can be programmed to the preferences of up to six users.

Also, it includes a spray and dry stainless steal bidet wand. The wand has adjustable positions, water pressure and water temperature. An ultraviolet light cleans bacteria and sterilizes it.

The toilet will be on display at RIKB until March 2 and will be showcased during a complimentary bath trends seminar on Thursday, complete with food tastings and servings of wine. Along with the Numi, other trendy products will be discussed in a power point presentation. Pre-registration is required and is from 5:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. The seminar begins at 6 p.m. and ends at 8 p.m.

Stoddard will lead the event and Christine Fournier, the senior sales executive for Kohler, is set to join her.

“I felt like we needed something like this in our product offering because it compliments our showering lines that have digital capabilities,” said Fournier. “It fits in with the modern, futuristic bathroom.”

Stoddard agreed. She said RIKB contacted Kohler to feature the NUMI at their location at 139 Jefferson Boulevard to incorporate not only at the store, but also at their display for the Providence Home Show at the Rhode Island Convention Center, which begins on March 29 and wraps up on April 1.

“We try to bring new and different things to the show,” Stoddard said.

On March 1, Rhode Island native Ed DelGrande from the Do It Yourself Network, who is also a Kohler spokesperson for plumbing, will visit RIKB. Stoddard believes he is sure to comment on the NUMI.

“It’s going to create such a stir,” she said. “There’s a mystique to it. If you want something that no one else on your street will have, this will certainly fit the bill. It’s cutting-edge and fun.”

The NUMI was transported to RIKB last week from a competitor’s showroom in Massachusetts. In March, they will send it to another company in Connecticut.

RIKB employee, Joanne Parillo, who grew up in Warwick and lives in Cranston, is proud their store has the opportunity to show the unique appliance.

“You need a manual to operate it for the first time but it’s interesting,” she said. “I think it’s really neat.”

For more information, call 401-463-1550.


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