Symbiosis of ink and Internet


To some, there’s no better way to start the day than with a cup of coffee or tea and the morning paper. (We hope for all of you reading this that the morning paper you choose, at least on Tuesdays and Thursdays, is always the Beacon.)

But there are also some who argue that newspapers are a dying breed – we like to think those people are terribly misinformed.

Despite the fact that print is still alive and well, we here at the Beacon are also attune to the fact that we live in the 21st century, and therefore, speed, accuracy and portability of information are all imperative.

So who says that print and the web can’t coexist peacefully? Like a clownfish and the protective, stinging anemone it calls home, we think that the ink and the Internet can have a symbiotic relationship.

Take our website, which displays all of our news content at roughly 1 p.m. on publication days. You can be in Kansas and still read the Beacon every week. In fact, according to our Google analytics, we have some faithful readers across the pond in Europe and Asia. It’s a wonderful thing.

To expand upon the glory of our website, we have a Facebook. We even have 1,077 people who “like” our page. If you’re not one of them, you’re missing out.

We post photos and additional content that don’t always make it to print. If you’re a junkie for local news, “liking” the Warwick Beacon Facebook page is a must.

But it’s our newest endeavor, however, that’s generating a lot of buzz both inside and outside our Warwick Ave. office: Twitter.

Twitter is another social media platform, but instead of the lengthy messages, updates and photos you often find on Facebook, you get the condensed version of what people have to say. Sign up for Twitter (it’s free) and choose who to “follow”; you’ll create a news feed including only the content you’ve chosen to view. And the best part? All posts must contain 140 characters or less. The result is a streamlined list of only the most important (usually) things people have to say.

But why are we talking about Twitter here, in precious editorial space? Because the Warwick Beacon and our sister publications, the Cranston Herald and Johnston Sun Rise, have now joined the social media site. You can follow us by searching @RhodyBeat on (the @ symbol is all part of Twitter’s unique language.)

And what’s perhaps even more exciting, you can now follow several Beacon personalities on Twitter. By doing so, you can see what we’re working on and get a glimpse into life in the newsroom. We also live-tweet from events we’re covering, and with election season in full swing, now’s the perfect time to sign up for these instant updates.

Here’s who you can follow: Editor and publisher John Howell (@BeaconPublisher), reporter Jessica Botelho (@JBJessica), reporter Kim Kalunian (@KimKalunian), associate editor Meg Fraser (@RhodyMeg), general manager Richard Fleischer (@RGFleischer) and sports editor William Geoghegan (@RhodyWill).

So start your morning with that cup of coffee and a paper, then log onto Facebook and Twitter to stay informed throughout the day – the two aren’t mutually exclusive.


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