Tacky mention of school gifts


To the Editor:

I read the article entitled, “Out of here for summer,” written by Anita E. Baffoni in your June 19 edition.
For the most part, it was a very good article chronicling the great activities provided by the Robertson School staff throughout the school year. It was also great to see interviews with the children and how they viewed the school year.

Your article mentions that faculty noted there were fewer teacher gifts given this year and that they attribute it to the economy. The article further mentions one student’s gifts provided to teachers. There were many other parents that provided substantial gifts to teachers as well, but didn’t get mentioned.

My point is this: I find it tacky to mention “gifts” at all. A gift is just that, something that is given out of appreciation or respect; they aren’t an economical indicator. I feel you cheapened the good spirit of the entire article by mentioning this subject.

My three children have all graduated from Robertson School over the past 21 years. It is an excellent school. Principal Lynn Dambruch and her staff have done an outstanding job educationally and socially for all of our children over the years. Your article seems to paint these teachers as materialistic people. I’ve spoken to some other parents regarding this article and they all agree; if you are going to write a feel good article with your point emphasizing the end of the school year and the start of summer, do it.

If you are going to write an article about the economy and how it affects everything, including teacher gifts, then do that separately.

Wayne W. Lisi
Robertson School Parent for 21 years


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