Taking back our government


To the Editor:

Many of us have come to realize that we no longer have a government that works on our behalf. Our elections have become auctions to the highest bidder and bills get passed that benefit the special interests as a result. This situation will only get better when we raise our voices in unison and demand our democratic process be restored.

That vehicle to provide a unified voice can be found at Anti-CorruptionAct.org. It is at that site that a bi-partisan group of legal scholars and political activists have crafted a plan to fight back against Citizens United and big money in our elections.

So no matter what your political affiliation might be, if you are unhappy with the direction this country is heading in and our lack of representation in government decisions, check out the American Anti-Corruption Act and consider adding your name to it. Big money is not going to give us back our government; we are going to have to take it back from them.

Robert Midura



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