Taylor Ann Butzbach engaged to Brian P. Votolato


Taylor Ann Butzbach and Brian Peter Votolato of Sheppard Dr., Warwick, have announced their engagement.

The bride-to-be is the daughter of Craig and Diana Butzbach of Weeden Dr., Warwick. She is a graduate of Toll Gate High School and Boston University. She is employed in marketing at Preventure.

The groom-to-be is the son of Peter Votolato of Red Chimney Dr., Warwick, and Anne Horiagon Votolato of Fall River, Mass. He is a graduate of Bishop Hendricken High School and Johnson & Wales University. He is a manager at Walgreen’s in Middletown.

In true Rhode Island fashion, Brian and Taylor met, not through “6 degrees of separation” but two at best. And it wasn’t even through friends or co-workers or classmates, but Brian’s mom, who apparently is a great matchmaker.

To paint the picture, flash back to the mid-1990s when Taylor’s cousin was getting picked up from elementary school. Her parents –Taylor’s aunt and uncle – became friendly with the parents of another young girl, Brian’s younger sister. Ultimately, through enough bus stop chats and sidewalk pick-ups, the two families hit it off and could be found dining at each other’s homes one weekend and vacationing up to New Hampshire the next.

Though Brian’s family was very close with mine, Brian and Taylor wouldn’t meet until many years later. Being five years apart in age, until they were older it would have never even been a consideration for them to get together, let alone have much in common to be friendly. However, the name Votolato was always vaguely familiar enough so that it rang a bell one summer when, as tennis captain in high school, Taylor noticed the name on the roster for incoming freshmen. As captain, she was responsible for calling the “newbies” for summer practices. Sure enough, when she called the Votolato household, Kayla wasn’t around but she got the disinterested older brother, who’d let her know Taylor called.

Almost six years later, during a girls night out with mom, aunt and some family friends that included Mrs. Votolato (Anne), the group was working on putting together a team for the annual MS Jet Pull in honor of one of the ladies present. Anne piped up that her son would be around and she’d sign him up. Apparently there was more to it than just getting extra guys to bulk up our team to pull the FedEx jet. The day of the Jet Pull, it turned out that due to Brian’s work schedule he wouldn’t be available to participate, but his clever mom convinced him to meet us at the bar for a bite before work.

Out of the 15 people in the group at the bar, Taylor was the only one under the age of 45; when a young, professionally dressed, very handsome guy walked in, she took notice. Even better when Anne looked over and said “Brian, over here!” The seat next to Taylor happened to be open, and that was all it took. Hair braided, no makeup, arms sore and beer in hand, the conversation quickly picked up and a few days later they were on their first date.

Taylor and Brian are planning a September 23, 2017 wedding at the East Greenwich Yacht Club.


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