Teach your dog to be a better canine companion at K-9 Connection


Pet ownership is one of the greatest joys many people feel in this life. The constancy of a family pet, especially "man's best friend" brings joy, laughter, companionship - and sometimes, a lot of aggravation. This is when the training programs of Warwick's own K-9 Connection become so valuable, and in many cases, can mean the difference between a well-mannered dog that enjoys great human company and a canine who gets "left out in the cold."!

K-9 Connection, based in Warwick since 1989, is the place to go to train and have fun with your canine companion. Cassandra Birocco, Teri Desrosiers and their professional trainers are there to give you and your pet successful and productive training sessions so that you are able to enjoy your pet at home, as well as in public. The professional and helpful staff are not only proficient in teaching basic manners but also have backgrounds as breeders, vet techs and groomers. They are able to answer any questions you may have regarding all aspects of your pup's development.

K-9 Connection now welcomes a world renowned Animal Behaviorist and Veterinarian, Ian Dunbar to its Warwick location on June 8th and 9th. This is an event NOT TO BE MISSED. In addition to Dr. Dunbar, there will be Fun and Games Dog Training workshops (motivation for reliability, speed, precision and panache) as well as games to Test & Improve Reliability. For more information and to make reservations, go straight to this website: www.jamesandkenneth.com/store/PRI-010.

Another great series of workshops offered here at K-9 Connection are created and taught by animal behaviorists Jane Deming and Katenna Jones called PETS AND BABIES! This workshop series is especially designed to help expectant parents (whether adopting or biological children) to prepare the family pet(s) for the arrival of an infant. The group works through all of the potential pitfalls of adding an infant to a household with pets and offers many invaluable ideas to help expectant parents properly prepare their unsuspecting pets for the enormous changes that will occur when baby arrives. Check www.k-9connection.net for dates and reservations.

Listed are 6 week class sessions available at the K-9 Connection (the number of dogs/puppies is limited so as to provide you with the best possible instruction):


• BASIC OBEDIENCE-(puppies 6 months and older)







Private Lessons, Ring Rentals, Training Parties and Seminars are also offered. You can even have formal portraits with ZENDOG PET PORTRAITS! Gift certificates are available for the dog who's "imploring to be trained."

Make the "connection" today by calling 737-2870 or visit them at their facility at 60 Minnesota Avenue in Warwick. Check out their website at www.k-9connection.net.


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