Teach your dog to become a better canine companion at The K-9 Connection


The K-9 Connection is the place to go to train and have fun with your canine companion. Cassandra Birocco, Teri Desrosiers and their professional trainers are there to give you and your pet successful and productive training sessions so that you are able to enjoy your pet at home, as well as in public. The K-9 Connection has been continuously operating since 1989 with a program that has been so well received that the staff is discovering that many of their clients are returning with their third or fourth dog. The professional staff are not only proficient in teaching basic manners but also have backgrounds as breeders, vet techs and groomers. They are able to answer any questions you may have regarding all aspects of your pup's development. They are helpful, attentive, easy to talk to and always on hand for any assistance.

Listed are 6 week class sessions available at the K-9 Connection (the number of dogs/puppies is limited so as to provide you with the best possible instruction):

• PUPPY MANNERS- (puppies 12 wks to 5 months) to learn all the basic commands.

• BASIC OBEDIENCE-(puppies 6 months and older) to learn how to come, walk on a loose leash, sit, down, stand, stay and other issues you may want to work on.

• LEVEL II OBEDIENCE-moves the beginners to a more advanced level for Group Sits, Group Downs, sit for Exam, stand for exam, heeling, obstacles and more control exercises.

• CANINE GOOD CITIZEN-The 1st step to making your dog a Therapy Dog. After the course completion, CGC and TDI Testing is given at the K-9 through AKC.

• AGILITY CLASSES-from Foundation to Competition, your dog will learn all the handling skills needed to run a full agility course.

• RALLY OBEDIENCE-It is a great foundation for advancement into competition obedience or to have fun with your dog in a non-competitive situation.

• NOSE WORK-is your 1st step into the world of SCENT WORK. This class will showcase how your dog uses their incredible sense of smell to locate food.

• COMPETITION OBEDIENCE -"Teaching" Novice, Open and Utility Classes.

Why should you choose the K-9 Connection to train your dog? The facility is very large facility at 7500 sq. feet that is heated/air conditioned with flooring that is fully matted and cushioned to ensure the safety of both you and your dog. It is a multi-faceted dog training center where socialization and play training are encouraged. In addition, it's a fun way for you and your dog to connect!

Private Lessons, Ring Rentals, Training Parties and Seminars are also offered. You can even have formal portraits with ZENDOG PET PORTRAITS! Visit their facility at 60 Minnesota Avenue in Warwick. Take the time to meet the friendly, dedicated staff and observe some of their classes. Gift certificates are available for the dog who's "begging to be trained.”


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