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Summer certainly has its share of perils, not the least of which are mosquitoes, heat waves and thunderstorms. Sure, a pesky bug is easy to get rid of, but those heat waves and thunderstorms with their resultant power problems can wreak havoc on your computer, that is, if you have not adequately protected your system. Christopher Dias, the owner of Tech 911, Inc. a computer repair and restoration shop on West Shore Road, warns computer owners everywhere to be prepared for worst case scenarios - especially in the event of unexpected power outages and power spikes.

Dias, who opened Tech 911 five years ago and who has spent a lifetime tinkering with and mastering computer systems, recently advised his customers about the use of surge protectors. He says that surge protectors cover only two of the most common types of ill-effecting power conditions. Surge protectors are designed for over-voltage circumstances, when massive power increases from lightening strikes or surges from your electrical grid occur. Protection with at least a surge protector will prevent damage to your hardware from energy spikes, however, if you want the best for your electronic device, Dias strongly encourages you to also purchase a battery back up.

What about power lows? While surge protectors may help with an increase in power, they are useless in the event of a power low, the second most common damaging power condition. This is where Dias again recommends a battery back-up. Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), or battery back-ups, have a built in battery that can help protect your electronics during lows in power, as well as can cut the outlet power connection to your hardware during power spikes. The battery back up can keep your device running for short periods of time during short term power irregularities, and will save your work before powering down for longer periods of power strife. To help you find the best battery backup, or if you find yourself in a computer "emergency" this summer, your next step is to get to Tech 911, Inc. - STAT!

Dias and his talented team at Tech 911 are familiar with all kinds of potential problems related to computer systems, as well as devices such as iPads ® and iPhones ®. Tech911, Inc. is the number one destination in Warwick for all your computer needs - 24/7 - either on-site in its bright and busy store, or via remote access. Some of their many services include on-site computer repairs, remote PC support, data recovery, virus removal, checking your processor and memory levels. They now repair all iPad ® and iPhone® devices.

Tech911, Inc. is located at 982 West Shore Road. Hours are Monday - Friday, 9 - 6 pm, and Saturday, 9 am to 1 pm. Walk-ins are welcome. For more information, call 401-681-4911 or visit the website at


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