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The Adventures of Tintin


* * * * (Children)

(Performance captured adventure)

Stephen Spielberg has brought the popular European book series to the screen in 3D and the technique called "performance capture,” where actors are enhanced by computers as they go through their motions (think Tom Hanks in "The Polar Express").

We had never heard of the popular European children's book series by Herge and did find the story and characters to be interesting but aimed more at the younger set. Tintin is a young reporter who has a series of adventures after he buys a model of a sailing ship. People go to great lengths to steal it.

Tintin learns that there is a secret message inside his ship and two others just like it. Gathering them all will lead to a secret treasure, setting the scene for many rip-roaring adventures. Tintin is aided by his dog, Snowy, and a drunken old sea captain. Snowy is the smarter and braver of his companions.

Herge drew all of his characters, with the exception of Tintin, with bulbous noses. The half-witted Thompson twins are part of the action, unaware of the old pickpocket who plays a part in the action.

The action takes Tintin on a scary sea adventure, a trek in the desert, a ride in a plane and lots of chases. There are many funny and exciting chase scenes, but after seeing "Mission Impossible," they didn't leave us on the edge of our seats.

"Tintin" is a great movie for kids, even though one of the "heroes" is a drunk. They still will relate to the young, wholesome hero, and they will love his dog.

Rated PG, with some comic violence and a lot of whiskey.


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